Tower Beach

Object ID: 2013-001-028

Date: 1918


Sylvan Lake, Oakland Co., Mich. August 18, 1918 When the Detroit and United Railway plotted its course through the Sylvan Lake area on its route between Pontiac and Detroit, local residents became more interested in the development of recreation. An amusement park called Tower Beach and a picnic spot called Happy Home in Voorheis Grove were developed. It became the “in” thing to pack up the whole family, a large picnic basket, mount the trolley car and spend the entire day fishing, swimming, bathing and enjoying their picnic lunch. The big day was climaxed by the trolley car ride back home. Oakland County Book of History, The Sesqui-Centennial Publication 1820 – 1970; Arthur A. Hagman, Editor October 7, 1931 Tower Beach Bridge Resolved by Trustee Cox, supported by Trustee Mitchell: that the Clerk be authorized to correspond with the proper authorities of the Michigan Eastern Railways in regard to getting information relative to securing the Tower Beach Bridge for the Village. Yeas: Sener, Cox, Mitchell, Woodbridge Resolution adopted. The late Daisy Worley remembered that the late Roy Durfee owned concessions at Tower