Michigan Military Academy Database

Michigan Military Academy People Database

CadetAbbott, Fred H.Corporal 1883HudsonMI
CadetAbbott, James G. W.DetroitMI
CadetAbdill, Harry BlakleyCorporal, Company ?C? 1895DanvilleIL
CadetAbt, GeorgeCincinnatiOH
CadetAdams, George KarrickStudent, Leland Stanford Junior UniversityPalo AltoCA
CadetAdams, HaroldPortrayed Mr. Simpson in the play,?The Doctor?s Assistant? on May 14, 1904
CadetAdler, BenCorporal, Company ?B? 1890Fort SmithAR
CommandantAkin, Captain Henry C.R.MaywoodIL
CadetAlberts, Ray Elmer1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1895MuskegonMI
CadetAlbrecht, P.R.Band (Bass Drum) 1892DavenportIA
CadetAlbro, Ward SloanOrchard LakeMI
CadetAldrich, Herbert FremontBand (1st Trombone) 1895 With L.S. & M.S. RyAdrianMI
CadetAlger, Harry GareshAttended ca. 1878ColdwaterMI
CadetAlger, High ColeAttended ca. 1878QuincyMI
CadetAlger, Russell Alexander, Jr.DetroitMI
CadetAllen, Charles ElsworthBand (1st Eb Alto) 1900OxfordMI
CadetAllen, Charles HalseyThird Vice-President of MMA Alumni Association 1903, Lieutenant of the Constabulary, PhillippinesRockvilleCT
CadetAllen, Clarence EugeneDetroitMI
CadetAllport, Robeson HunterOrchestra (Euphonium) 1905; Band (Euphonium) 1905PhilipsburgPA
CadetAlston, Joseph WadeDeceased as of 1905LairdMI
CadetAltonPrivate, Company ?B? 1908
CadetAndrews, Ralph JulianAndrews & Hadley, DentistsColdwaterMI
CadetAngle, George BurtonDoctorPhiladelphiaPA
CadetAnnan, W. J.Resigned, 1880WaukeganIL
CadetAnthony, Daniel R. Jr.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887, Editor, Leavenworth Times. Served as mayor of Leavenworth, Kansas, from 1903 to 1905 and sat in the House of Representatives from 1907 to 1929.LeavenworthKS
CadetAppenzeller, William H.Band (Bb Baritone) 1884St. CharlesMI
CadetAppleby, J. PercyMinneapolisMN
CadetApplegate, Hamilton ClintonLouisvilleKY
CadetApplegate, William EdwinLouisvilleKY
CadetArkills, William GuyCorporal, Company ?A? 1890; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1892; Senior Class Vice-President 1892Lake GenevaWI
CadetArkills, William GuyMiningIdaho SpringsCO
CadetArms, Fred F.MuskegonMI
CadetArnold, George HenryBattle CreekMI
CadetArnold, John ShawColorado SpringsCO
CadetAshwell, Horace WilliamDetroitMI
CadetAshworth, ClarenceBand 1908; Basketball (Substitute Forward) 1907; Orchestra (Clarionet) 1908Cape CottageME
CadetAsunsolo, ManuelDurangoMX
CadetAtkinson, Ben S.Fort SmithAR
CadetAtkinson, O'BrienMilitary Instructor 1901, The Greenwood Co.Port HuronMI
CadetAtwood, Carroll S.MilwaukeeWI
CadetAtwood, E.W.FlintMI
CadetAtwood, William T. (Basso?)Manufacturer, ChicagoFlintMI
CadetAuld, David LindleyCorporal, Company ?C? 1892, Assistant Teller First National BankAtchisonKS
CadetAuld, Henry CarrollWith Interstate National BankAtchisonKS
CadetAult, Ivan ReulLance Corporal, Company ?A? 1908WadsworthOH
CadetAuracher, Harry RunkleCadet 2nd Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer 1895; Band (Tuba) 1903. Harry Archer was born Harry Auracher on February 21, 1888, in Creston, IA, and died April 23, 1960, in New York, N.Y. During the 1920's and the 1930's, Archer was a very successful bandleader. While he is remembered as such today, he did score several Broadway shows, and also wrote some songs occasionally. Harry's Mother taught him music, and he worked his way through the Michigan Military School playing the trombone in theater and pop music orchestras. He had advanced musical studies at Knox Colelge in Galesburg, IL, and at Princeton University. After schooling, he settled in Chicago, IL and formed his own band. His first Broadway score was written in 1912, the 'Pearl Maiden'. He continued writing for Broadway shows, revues, etc., until, when in 1923, he had a huge success with his score for the show 'Little Jesse James'. His song, "I Love You"was written for this show. Among the other musicals for which Harry did scores are 'My Girl' (1924)'Paradise Alley' (1924)
CadetAustin, Frederick M.BuffaloNY
CadetAvery, Clyde FrancisGraduate Student, MMAThree RiversMI
CadetAvery, Sewell L.Sergeant, Company ?A? 1890; Captain, Company ?A? 1892; Senior Class Prophet 1892; Football (Right Half) 1892; Prize Contest in Declamation May 27, 1892 (2nd Prize: Chariot Race, from ?Ben Hur?); MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; 2nd Sergeant, "Crack" Company1891 In 1905 was Manager of the U.S. Gypsum Co. Was board chairman and president of Montgomery Ward from 1931 to 1956."Cleveland
CadetAxford, SamuelHollyMI
CadetAyres, Henry CooperPiquaOH
CadetBabcock, Orville EliasSergeant, Bugle and Drum Corps 1890ChicagoIL
CadetBadger, Edward StephensonNilesMI
CadetBadger, Henry Franklin, Jr.Corporal, Company ?A? 1897KalamazooMI
CadetBaer, Samuel HermanCorporal, Company ?D? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891, Research ChemistNew YorkNY
CadetBaetcke, Gustave GartnerBankingBrightonMI
CadetBagley, Frederick P.Adjutant 1879; Captain, Company ?A? 1880; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901, Wholesale MarbleDetroitMI
CadetBagley, John NewburyCaptain 1879DetroitMI
CadetBagley, Paul FredCorporal, Company ?D? 1886; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1887; 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster, Manager, J.J. Bagley & Co.DetroitMI
CadetBagley, W.
CadetBaird, Jay CinclaireCommissioned 1st Lieutenant and Ordinance Officer 1903NewcastleWY
CadetBaker, George DunningSergeant, Company ?B? 1892, Baker-Vawter Co.IndianapolisIN
CadetBaker, George McintyreChicagoIL
PresidentBaldwin, Augustus C.
CadetBalhatchet, William, Jr.Orchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Basketball 1906; Commissioned Cadet Major 1907; Track (Manager and Captain) 1907; President of MMA Alumni AssociationChicagoIL
CadetBall, Hobart ElmerAuroraIL
CadetBall, James EverettCorporal 1883, Ball & Ball, Counselors at LawMarquetteMI
CadetBall, WoodruffCompany ?C? 1892, Cattle Business, Dawson & BallChicagoIL
CadetBallard, Eugene S.With Beadleston, Hall & Co.New YorkNY
CadetBallentine, FarranndPort HuronMI
CadetBandholtz, Harry H.ConstantineMI
CadetBanta, Thomas AmbroseCommissioned 1st Lieutentant and Quartermaster 1903BuffaloNY
CadetBarie, William, Jr.Dishonorably discharged February 14, 1880SaginawMI
CadetBarker, William ChristopherBay CityMI
CadetBarkhouse, Stanley JuliusLouisvilleKY
CadetBarlow, Alfred HenryCommissioned 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1903, Student, University of MichiganCorryPA
CadetBarlow, Joseph C., Jr.1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1887, Quincy Foundry and Novelty Co.QuincyIL
CadetBarlow, Royce ElwynCommissioned Captain 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891HastingsMI
CadetBarlow. F.G.Company ?C? 1892ColdwaterMI
CadetBarnard, C.R.Company ?C? 1892; Banjo Club (Banjo) 1892ChicagoIL
CadetBarnes, Edward A.Graduated first in his class with 92.0 GPA; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901, Counseler at LawLansingMI
CadetBarnes, Henry Cooper?Crack? Company 1891GuthrieIndian Territory
CadetBarnum, HowardLyonsIA
CadetBarry, Bert?Crack? Company 1891; Yearbook Editor 1892; Non-commissioned Color Sergeant 1892; Class President 1894; Editor, ?The Military Mirror? Jan. 1894, DentistMt. SterlingIL
CadetBarth, Charles J.DenverCO
CadetBarton, Charles Pierce, Jr.Private, Company ?B?; Football (Substitute Right Half) 1907; Basketball (Guard) 1907LouisvilleKY
CadetBassett, W.L.Company ?B? 1892DetroitMI
CadetBates, Albert BonesteeleCorporal, Company ?C? 1890; Captain, Company ?C? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Interlocutor); ?Crack? Company 1891, Business, New York Life BuildingChetopaKS
CadetBates, George EdwardKalamazooMI
CadetBates, MowryDuluthMN
CadetBates, Sidney DownerUrbanaOH
CadetBates, Walter ScottCorporal, Company ?D? 1890; ?Crack? Company 1891, Wholesale LumberChetopaKS
CadetBauduy, James B.St. LouisMO
CadetBauer, Carl J.SaginawMI
CadetBaughman, Colonel WoodwardPrivate, Company ?A? 1908WadsworthOH
CadetBaum, Frank JoslynEditor ?The Adjutant?, Lieutenant of the Constabulary, PhilippinesChicagoIL
CadetBaum, Robert Stanton1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1905; Portrayed Mr. Moreland (an artist) in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Literary, Religious and Social Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1905ChicagoIL
CadetBaumgardner, Edson LeanderBand (Drum Major) 1897ToledoOH
CadetBaushke, Arthur AlexanderBand (2nd Trombone) 1900Benton HarborMI
CadetBaushke, Edward EugeneBand (Eb Clarinet) 1900Benton HarborMI
CadetBaxter, Don AlexanderSergeant, Company ?C? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892, Petroleum ProductsLimaOH
CadetBeadles, Louis N.JacksonvilleIL
CadetBeardslee, RoyStudent, University of MichiganGreenvilleMI
CadetBeattie, Mark Brewer1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1895; Prize Speaker (Honorable Mention) 1895, General ELectric CompanyOvidMI
CadetBeatty, James LancefordToledoOH
CadetBelcher, Fred S.Corporal, Company ?B? 1888CharlotteMI
CadetBelding, William T.Corporal, Company ?A? 1885MilnorDakota Territory
CadetBell, John, Jr.Benton HarborMI
CadetBellows, Bertram BrushCorporal, Company ?A? 1908; Football (Left Guard) 1907ToledoOH
CadetBeman, Lewis T.Silver CreekNY
CadetBendell, William ArthurClevelandOH
CadetBennett, H. B.PlymouthMI
CadetBennett, Lyman R.1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1900PhoenixAZ
CadetBennison, Francis J.Bay CityMI
CadetBenson, Edward McelroyFirst cadet to graduate from MMA, Real Estate, 1009 Hammond BuildingDetroitMI
CadetBenson, Silas B.FreeportIL
CadetBentley, Calvin PardeeBecame an Owosso industrialist.LindenMI
CadetBentley, Leon M.LyonsIA
CadetBenton, Henry LeeSergeant, Company ?C? 1892JacksonOH
CadetBerry, Fred (Red) LeonAssistant Cashier Loan and Deposit BankGrand LedgeMI
CadetBerry, George H.DetroitMI
CadetBerry, Harry RoyQuartermaster Sergeant 1905; Center, Football 1905; Portrayed Sam the waiter in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Grinds Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1905ChicagoIL
CadetBerst, Robert ElmerPrivate, Company ?B?SaginawMI
CadetBines, Robert ScottRidge FarmIL
CadetBinford, Joseph RaymondMarshalltownIA
CadetBirk, Frank JacobChicagoIL
CadetBirk, Walter O.Corporal, Company ?B? 1903ChicagoIL
CadetBishop, Otis G.SpringfieldMO
CadetBixby, William F.KalamazooMI
CadetBlackCompany ?C? 1892
CadetBlack, Charles Hoge2nd Lieutenant 1879, Seattle Hardware Company, Seattle, WADetroitMI
CadetBlack, Harold ChancellorPrivate, Company ?A? 1908SeattleWA
CadetBlair, Austin T.JacksonMI
CadetBlanchard, John CelsusIoniaMI
CadetBlanchard, William?Crack? Company 1891EvanstonIL
CadetBliss, Abel BockwaySaginawMI
CadetBliss, Edwin Stanton1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1886; Captain, Company ?C? 1888; President of MMA Alumni Association 1903SaginawMI
CadetBliss, Walter BondDelivered alumni address to graduating class of 1884SaginawMI
CadetBlistain, WilliamLaFayetteIN
CadetBliven, EdwardToldeoOH
CadetBloch, J.ChicagoIL
CadetBloomer, Martin B.CincinnatiOH
CadetBoardman, Walter P.North Manitou IslandMI
CadetBogardus, George H.Corporal 1881, Traveling SalesmanYpsilantiMI
CadetBoies, John H.Senior Class Orator 1884; Billiards Team 1884, Deceased as of 1905HudsonMI
CadetBond, Ralph AldrichFort WayneIN
CadetBond, Stephen Charles (Or Charles Stephen)1st Sergeant and Signal Officer 1897; 1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1897Fort WayneIN
CadetBonfield, William WarrenCaptain, Company ?D? 1897, BusinessChicagoIL
CadetBostwick, Mark C.AlpenaMI
CadetBoudeman, Donand OernstCorporal, Company ?A? 1897KalamazooMI
CadetBowen, Ai PineAttawaIL
CadetBowen, Roy1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1900HoopestonIL
CadetBowling, Enoch BurdetteSergeant, Company ?C? 1895DetroitMI
CadetBoyd, George H.Corporal, Company ?B? 1886SaginawMI
CadetBoyd, W. C.LevannaOH
CadetBoyd, William PaulChicagoIL
CadetBoydel, J. FrankDetroitMI
CadetBoyden, John R.Corporal, Company ?B? 1886; 1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1887Grand HavenMI
CadetBoynton, Carle D.FranklinOH
CadetBrabb, Roy CollinsCorporal, Company ?C? 1897RomeoMI
CadetBradley, Ralph W.Port HopeMI
CadetBradwell, James BartonBand (Cymbals) 1895ChicagoIL
CadetBrady, C.A.Company ?D? 1892; Baseball (Right Field) 1892; Football (Substitute) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892RochesterNY
CadetBrady, William HenryDetroitMI
CadetBrainerd, Albert EdwardSpringfieldIL
CadetBremer, Anton EdwardSergeant, Company ?B? 1890MontereyMX
CadetBremer, Robert A.Corporal, Bugle and Drum Corps 1890MontereyMX
CadetBrink, Clifton D.DenverCO
CadetBrisbin, Nathan B., Jr.Dismissed December 4, 1880Grand RapidsMI
CadetBrokhausen, Frederic EdwardTamaIA
CadetBromley, Charles DeanBand (Snare Drum) 1903SpencerportNY
CadetBronson, Randall P.Corporal 1881MarquetteMI
CadetBrooks, Harold ScovillePrivate, Company ?A? 1908SpringfieldOH
CadetBrooks, Robert AlbertNon commissioned Sergeant 1903; Band (Bass Drum) 1903OrrvilleOH
MinisterBrown, Charles Oliver
CadetBrown, Daniel H.DetroitMI
CadetBrown, Edwin HarrisonLeavenworthKS
CadetBrown, F.A.Football (Captain/Full Back) 1892ChicagoIL
CadetBrown, Ferdinand W.ToldeoOH
CadetBrown, Frank S.JacksonMI
CadetBrown, Fred HenrySergeant Major 1888AuroraIL
CadetBrown, HarryGrand RapidsMI
CadetBrown, Harry L.HelenaMT
CadetBrown, J. HoodDetroitMI
CadetBrown, John K.1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1903JacksonMN
CadetBrown, Paul AddisonGriswoldIA
CadetBrown, RexwaldCorporal, Company ?C? 1897; Band (Bass Drum) 1897JolietIL
CadetBrown, T. M.AlbanyNY
CadetBruen, Dwight A.KalamazooMI
CadetBrundage, JeffersonMarseillesIL
CadetBrush, Charles O.Railway Mail ServiceAnn ArborMI
CadetBuckland, HaroldPrivate, Company ?B?MilwaukeeWI
CadetBuckley, Abel ConklinPrivate, Company ?B?Grass ValleyOR
CadetBuckley, Claude WarrenNon commissioned Sergeant; Band (Flute and Picollo) 1903Battle CreekMI
CadetBuckley, George ParkerBand (3rd Eb Alto) 1903Battle CreekMI
CadetBuel, F.L.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetBuel, George RobinsonBarbertonOH
CadetBuell, RayPrivate, Company ?B?Bay CityMI
CadetBuell, Roy JasperBand (Bb Clarinet) 1897Union CityMI
CadetBuettner, RobertSpringfieldOH
CadetBull, F. H.RacineWI
CadetBullen, George R.ChicagoIL
CadetBullen, William H.ChicagoIL
CadetBunnell, Charles H.JacksonMI
CadetBuntin, William Campbell, Jr.Terre HauteIN
CadetBurdick, Leo GerodSturgisMI
CadetBurdick, Ralph S. N.AspenCO
CadetBurke, FrederickStudent, Medical CollegeWashingtonDC
CadetBurkhardt, HenryDetroitMI
CadetBurner, Russell JacobNorwalkOH
CadetBurnet, RalphEvanstonIL
CadetBurnett, John SidneyBand (Snare Drum) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Tambos)EvanstonIL
CadetBurns, George RobertDetroitMI
CadetBurr, Eugene HookerHonor Man (1 term) 1895LeavenworthKS
CadetBurroughs, Edgar RiceCompany ?A? 1892; Created illustrations, and possibly wrote stories for the Academy?s yearbook, ?The Long Roll? 1892; Performed at the Columbian Saddle Horse Show 1893; Editor, ?The Military Mirror? Jan. 1894; Quarterback, Champion Prep School Team of the West 1894; Captain, Company ?D? 1895; Captain and Quarterback, Champion Prep School Team of the West 1895; Editor, ?The Adjutant? Oct., Nov. and Dec. 1895, Jan., Feb. and March 1896; Manager, Football and Baseball 1896; (NOTE: Burroughs is listed as a graduate in the 1895 MMA Catalog, but does not appear in graduation lists in subsequent catalogs.) Known by his fans as ERB authored the Tarzan novels.ChicagoIL
CadetBurry, JamesChicagoIL
CadetBurt, Charles WellingtonCorporal, Company ?A? 1888, Burt & Brabb Lumber Co.SaginawMI
CadetBurt, George R.Corporal, Company ?A? 1890SaginawMI
CadetBurt, Mckinstry1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1890; ?Crack? Company 1891, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer Peninsular Iron Co.DetroitMI
CadetBurt, Milroy C.Resigned January 18, 1881MishawakaIN
CadetBurton, Howard ErastusCorporal, Company ?C? 1888, Darby & Burton, Assayers and ChemistsLake GenevaWI
CadetBurton, Warren EdgarWholesale Stamp DealerLake GenevaWI
CadetBury, Frank JermaineBasketball 1906; Track 1907DetroitMI
CadetBush, Frederick JulianEarlvilleIA
CadetBuswell, Forest EdgarAttended ca. 1878Grand HavenMI
CadetButler, Gwyn FosterIndianapolisMI
CadetButler, Palemon WrightCaptain, Company ?D? 1890; Captain, Company ?D? 1892; Senior Class President 1892; Leader, Banjo Club (Guitar) 1892; Baseball (Substitute) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (?Pete? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?); 1st Sergeant, "Crack" Company 1891; Coal in 1905"DetroitMI
CadetButters, Stephen N.LudingtonMI
CadetCahill, Lee Haskall2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1903DetroitMI
CadetCaldwell, Charles Pennewell1897EvanstonIL
CadetCaldwell, Edwin H.Corporal, Company ?C? 1886Battle CreekMI
CadetCaldwell, John Harvey2nd Lieutenant and Acting Quartermaster 1897; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1897ChathamIL
CadetCallam, Franklin W.SaginawMI
CadetCallerman, G.C.1903ChicagoIL
CadetCameron, Dougald1883MarshallMI
CadetCampbell, Alonzo RichardBankerIndependenceIA
CadetCampbell, Charles HerbertMining Business, Lieutenant, Quartermaster 1884; Editor, ?The Military Mirror? Jan. 1894DenverCO
CadetCampbell, Collis Ormsby2nd Sergeant, Company ?B? 1908; Basketball (Substitute Guard) 1907; Tennis 1907; Athletic Manager (Tennis), MMA Athletic Association 1908LouisvilleKY
CadetCampbell, Perle A.Corporal 1883; Chairman, Senior Class Executive Committee 1884, Stave and Lumber BusinessKentonOH
CadetCampbell, R.B.1892CantonOH
CadetCampbell, Robert Lee1890SpringfieldMO
CadetCampbell, Stuart Woorbury1905DetroitMI
CadetCampbell, Willis Ormsby2nd Sergeant 1908
CadetCandler, Henry ErnestCorporal, Company ?B? 1888, Cashier U.S. Internal Revenue OfficeDetroitMI
CadetCanham, William Joseph, Jr.1890Port HuronMI
CadetCapron, Paul Allyn1903Fort MeyerVA
CadetCarland, Russell John1903ToledoOH
CadetCarleton, John Leslie1905DetroitMI
CadetCarpenter, Henry B.1883East AuroraNY
CadetCarper, Charles E.1886, 1887BurlingtonIA
CadetCarqueville, Herbert Milton1900ChicagoIL
CadetCarter, Emmett J.Cedar RapidsIA
CadetCarter, George MillerCaptain, Company ?A? 1903; President of MMA Alumni Association; Student, University of MichiganJacksonMI
CadetCarter, Horace1895LewistonME
CadetCarter, Philander LothropCompany ?D? 1892; Captain, Company ?A? 1895; Honor Man (2 terms) 1895; With G.W. Carter in 1905JacksonMI
CadetCary, Herbert M.1888DetroitMI
CadetCase, Herbert E.1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1890BrightonMI
CadetCates, Dudley Jones1905RichmondIN
CadetCatlin, Joseph Elijah1878SaginawMI
CadetCavan, JamesSergeant, Company ?C? 1888Atlantic MineMI
CadetCavanaugh, RalphPrivate, Company ?A? 1908Ann ArborMI
CadetChadbourne, Thomas L.1888HoughtonMI
CadetChadbourne, Waldemar ArensHoughtonMI
CadetChadwick, William R.1880 & 1881Port HuronMI
CadetChamberlain, C.H.Company ?C? 1892YpsilantiMI
CadetChamberlain, Guy Caldwell1895ChicagoIL
CadetChamberlain, James1881St. LouisMO
CadetChapin, H.C.1892MilesMI
CadetChapman, Frank BentonCommissioned 1st Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer 1890; in Mining in 1905SpringfieldOH
CadetChapman, Frank Y.1880BuffaloNY
CadetChase, Frank Aquilla1895ChicagoIL
CadetChatterton, Floyd M.1890LansingMI
CadetChess, Philip SheridanCorporal, Company ?B? 1908; Tennis 1907PittsburghPA
CadetChrist (Or Crist?)Basketball 1906; Baseball (Right Field) 1907
CadetChristian, Edward Armitage1900Three RiversMI
CadetChurch, Leroy B.1886DetroitMI
CadetClapsadel, F.A.1885PainesvilleOH
CadetClarage, Edson DoudManager, Crucible Steel Co.ClevelandOH
CadetClark, Cassius A.1880 & 1881AdrianMI
CadetClark, Charles F.Corporal 1883ClintonMI
CadetClark, Fred G.1888Grand RapidsMI
CadetClark, Frederick ManlyMilitary Aid 1878; Captain 1879Battle CreekMI
CadetClark, George RogersNon commissioned Sergeant 1903; Band (1st Trombone) 1903; Student, University of Michigan 1905Ann ArborMI
CadetClark, Judson Smith1903, Color Sergeant 1905; Commissioned Color Sergeant 1906DuluthMN
CadetClark, William A.1883Marine CityMI
CadetClayton, Harvey A.1900OmahaNE
CadetClayton, William Henry HarrisonChoctaw Nation, subsequently became OklahomaSouth McAlester, Indian TerritoryOK
CadetClement, Adelbert William1900Cedar RapidsIA
CadetCoast, William Oscar1897Iowa CityIA
CadetCoats, William J.Resigned February 19, 1880DetroitMI
CadetCobbs, Frank J.1888CadillacMI
CadetCochrane, ClydeAlmontMI
CadetCocker, Benjamin Clark1890
CadetColby, Edward A.1881ChicagoIL
CadetColgrove, Lawrence Edward1905HastingMI
CadetCollierBand (1st Bb Cornet) 1886
CadetCollins, Clifford Gordon1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1908MorrisIL
CadetCollins, Horace C.1881St. LouisMO
CadetCollins, Norman GriffinCorporal, Company ?D? 1897; Band (Tenor) 1897ChicagoIL
CadetCollins, Owen GlennSergeant, Company ?D? 1897; Band (Tenor Trombone) 1897; 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery Corps, US Army, 1905ChicagoIL
CadetComstock, George Dwight1895ClevelandOH
CadetConant, Horace T.1885, 1886MonroeMI
CadetConklin, Daniel BeckelEditor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895DaytonOH
CadetConn, Gordon RoyPrivate 1905; Private 1906; Corporal 1907; Sergeant 1907; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1908; ?Adjutant? Board; Yearbook Staff (Assistant Business Editor) 1908; Business, Manager, ?The Adjutant? 1907DetroitMI
CadetConner, Ahterton Thomas1895ChicahoIL
CadetConners, Peter NewellCorporal, Company ?B? 1905BuffaloNY
CadetConnor, L.M.Corporal, Company ?C? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; Baseball (Substitute) 1892; Football (Right End) 1892ChicagoIL
CadetConover, Luther Harold1905ChicagoIL
CadetConry, C.M.1881EdmoreMI
CadetCook(E), James WadsworthSergeant, Company ?A? 1890; ?Crack? Company 1891BuffaloNY
CadetCook, C.B.1892ChicagoIL
CadetCook, Don Carlos1905FairburyIL
CadetCoolidge, Frank WellingtonLiterary Editor of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?; Track (Assistant Coach) 1907BuffaloNY
CadetCoombs, Edward H.1879, 1880Fort WayneIN
CadetCooper, Claudius HowardHoughtonMI
CadetCooper, George A.1888LimaOH
CadetCooper, Rolla M.1888HokomoIN
GeneralCopeland, Joseph Tarr
CadetCopland, Henry BridgeDetroitMI
CadetCopland, S.M.Sergeant, Company ?A? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891DetroitMI
CadetCorbin, Edwin A.Senior Class Poet (3-Day Exercises) 1884; Counselor at Law in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetCorbin, J.C.Dismissed April 17, 1883PlymouthIN
CadetCorbin, Ralph HerbertCorporal, Company ?A? 1897GouverneurNY
CadetCornenberg, Arhtur Milton1897ToledoOH
CadetCorrigan, James Robert1897ClevelandOH
CadetCorrigan, James William1897ClevelandOH
CadetCotner, Emerson TrowbridgeCorporal 1908; Orchestra (Bassoon) 1908DetroitMI
CadetCough, Meredith C.FredoniaNY
CadetCoulter, Roy M.1905FennvileMI
CadetCovell, Charles T.Sergeant, Company ?C? 1885; Captain, Company ?B? 1886WhitehallMI
CadetCox, Arthur C.1885Elk RapidsMI
CadetCox, C.S.Company ?A? 1892QuincyIL
CadetCoy, Charles Lawrence1897, 1898OdeboltIA
CadetCrandall, F.E.Sergeant Major 1883ChicagoIL
CadetCrane, Guy ShermanCaptain, Company ?B? 1890DetroitMI
CadetCranson, Robert E.1888, Commissioned Sergeant Major 1890St. JohnsMI
CadetCranston, Ernest Edward1890LansingMI
CadetCrary, Earl HarrisonBand 1908; Orchestra (Clarionet) 1908Grand ForksSD
CadetCratz, Benjamin Arthur1897, 1898ToledoOH
CadetCrawford, Charles Adelbert1878London, OntarioCanada
CadetCrawford, Charles F.Corporal, Company ?D? 1888ChicagoIL
SuperintendentCress, Captain
CadetCress, James BellPrize for best drilled MMA private 1905; Dramatic Club 1905Orchard LakeMI
CadetCribben, E.W.1892ChicagoIL
CadetCrilly, George S.1883ChicagoIL
QuartermasterCrofoot, Charles M.Mr. Crofoot was born in Pontiac January 12, 1853, and his early educational advantages were those of the public schools of his native city. After taking a course in pharmacy at the University of Michigan he was for a time employed in a drug store in the city of Chicago. He came to Pontiac in the fall of 1877 to become quartermaster in Michigan Military Academy at Orchard Lake, holding the position until the next spring, when he returned to the drug business in Chicago. He returned to Pontiac in 1879, engaging independently in the drug business, to which he continued to give his attention for thirty-eight years, as previously noted.PontiacMI
CadetCrofoot, Lodowick Fitch1878PontiacMI
CadetCrombe, Frederick Hosmer1890MilwaukeeWI
CadetCronin, C.J.1883MarshallMI
CadetCrooker, Fred D.1887Battle CreekMI
CadetCrooks, Carl DouglasSergeant, Company ?A? 1895NorthhamptonMA
CadetCrosby, LeonardYearbook Editor 1892
CadetCroul, William Rochester2nd Lieutenant 1879DetroitMI
CadetCrum, William Edwin, Jr.Sergeant Major 1897, 1898BedfordIA
CadetCuellar, Ricardo1900San Luis PotosiMexico
CadetCumings, William B.Corporal, Company ?D? 1885; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1886Otter LakeMI
CadetCummings, George S.Corporal, Company ?C? 1888DenverCO
CadetCunliffe, Robert A.Band (1st Bb Clarinet) 1900Battle CreekMI
CadetCunliffe, Robert A.BuffaloNY
CadetCurtis, George W.Non commissioned 2nd Lieutenant (Principal Musician) 1903; Band (Solo Bb Clarionet) 1903WaldronIN
CadetCurtis, Henry H.1888, 1889; Insurance and Real Estate in 1905CharlotteMI
CadetCurtiss, W.L.Grand RpaidsMI
CadetCushing, George H.1887ChicagoIL
CadetCutler, Dwight Jr.Sergeant 1880; Captain 1883; Cutler & Savage Lumber, Co. in 1905DetroitMI
CadetDanford, William E.Cashier Buffalo Commercial BankBuffaloNY
CadetDaniell, Joshua T.1887; Corporal, Company ?C? 1887ApecheeMI
CadetDaniell, William EdwardCommissioned Color Sergeant 1903; Medical Student in 1905CalumetMI
CadetDaniels, Elton Wallace1903, 1905;Grand RapidsMI
CadetDaniels, Henry Elkins1897; Corporal, Company ?C? 1897ChicagoIL
CadetDannatt, Merritt J.1890;ClintonIA
CadetDarling, Russell Towly1897;La PorteIN
CadetDart1905; Football 1905
CadetDavenny, Delmer CookNon Commissioned Sergeant (Librarian) 1903; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1903; President of MMA Alumni AssociationGenevaOH
CadetDavidson, Frank Oakley1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1895; Editor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895; Insurance in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetDavidson, Jacob Walter1905; Dramatic Club 1905; Orchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Band (4th Horn) 1905PhiladelphiaPA
CadetDavis, Charles Penfield1897; Corporal, Company ?D? 1897Sioux CityIA
CadetDavis, Frank Jerome1903, 1905; Sergeant, Company ?A? 1903; Captain, Company ?A? 1905; Staples 1st prize for marksmanship 1905; Right Half, Football 1905OwossoMI
CadetDavis, Fred H.1886;ChicagoIL
CadetDavis, H.B.1892; Company ?A? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetDavis, Merick1897;BonhamTX
CadetDavison, William Henry1900; 1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1900FlintMI
CadetDawson, Richard GunbyPrivate 1906; Corporal 1907; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1908; Football (Left End) 1906; Football (Left Tackle) 1907; Yearbook Staff (Business Manager) 1908; Pi Delta KoppaCorryPA
CadetDay, Willard F.1883, 1884; Band (Bb Bass) 1884HudsonMI
CadetDeering, Charles William, Jr.1895; Corporal, Company ?A? 1895EvanstonIL
CadetDegraff, Dean C.Sergeant, Company ?C? 1887; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1888; Union Pacific R.R. Office 1905PalmyraMI
CadetDeisel, Henry Bernhard1905;LimaOH
CadetDenmead, James LeroyWith City National BankMarshalltownIA
CadetDennett, George Thomas1895;New YorkNY
CadetDennis, Basil WrennStudent, Ohio State UniversitySugar GroveOH
CadetDetlie, Edwin Arthur1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1903Sioux FallsSD
CadetDevay, W.P.1892;IndianapolisIN
CadetDeweese, Francis EarleYearbook Editor 1892; Company ?A? 1892; Baseball (Left Field) 1892; Football (Right Guard) 1892ChillicotheOH
CadetDewey, Harry BurdettFootball Team 1884; Corporal, Company ?C? 1886; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1887; 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1888; Deceased as of 1905DowaglacMI
CadetDewey, John Mcm.1883;MonroeMI
CadetDewey, Josiah Earl1905;Ann ArborMI
CadetDewolfe, Marshall EugeneCharlestownWV
CadetDey, Herman1878;DetroitMI
CadetDickerson, C.S.1892; Company ?A? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetDickey, Charles J.1881;RacineWI
CadetDickinson, Bartlett ChaseCivil Engineer, Geo. A. Fuller & Co.New YorkNY
CadetDickinson, Homer Wright1897; Band (Eb Clarinet) 1897ColdwaterMI
CadetDickinson, John Alexander1908; Private, Company ?B?Mount VictoryOH
CadetDickinson, Oliver Hyde1878;DetroitMI
CadetDickinson, Stanley M.1886;CincinnatiOH
CadetDickman, Frederick T.Cadet, US Military AcademyLeavenworthKS
CadetDikeman, Raymond WilliamLieutenant, Marine BarracksWashingtonDC
CadetDilley, Charles J.1883; Corporal 1883PortlandMI
CadetDillman, Louis Carson1897;ChicagoIL
CadetDimock, Ralph HiramNon Commissioned Sergeant 1903; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1903; Orchestra (Cornet) 1905; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1905; Center Field, Baseball 1905; Graduate Student, MMA, 1905WellingtonOH
CadetDixon, Edward M.1881;DetroitMI
CadetDixon, Frederick Stevens1895; Band Sergeant (Snare Drum) 1895DetroitMI
CadetDixon, Sidney R.1880, 1881; Resigned December 19, 1880DetroitMI
CadetDonaldson, G.T.1892; Company ?D? 1892MinneapolisMN
CadetDonaldson, John1892; Company ?D? 1892MinneapolisMN
CadetDonaldson, JohnMinneapolisMN
CadetDonovan, Arthur1890, 1891; ?Crack? Company 1891LansingMI
CadetDoty, Charles Edwin2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1892; Kodak Club 1892; Wholsale Sugar Business, 1905ChicagoIL
CadetDoughty, F. W.1884, 1885; Band (Bb Bass) 1885Mt. PleasantMI
CadetDow, H. F.1900; Sergeant, Company ?A? 1900
CadetDow, Morris Marshall1900;Sioux CityIA
CadetDriver, Edward Raymond1890, 1892;RiversideIL
CadetDrullard, Harry L.1886, 1887; Corporal, Company ?A? 1886BuffaloNY
CadetDucat, Reginald1900;Downer?s GroveIL
CadetDucharme, Charles Albert1878;DetroitMI
CadetDuffield, BethuneCounselor at LawDetoitMI
CadetDuffield, George1878; Military Aid 1878DetroitMI
CadetDuncan, Lawrence Grand1903;St. JosephMO
CadetDuncan, William Adams1895; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1895SyracuseNY
CadetDunk, A.O.1892;SaginawMI
CadetDurkee, Charles Catlin1897, 1898; Corporal, Company ?D? 1897Colorado SpringsCO
CadetDuttonBand (Musical Director) 1884; Band (Eb Cornet) 1884; Baseball Team 1884
CadetDwiggins, Jay1883; Dismissed April 29, 1883RensselaerIN
CadetDyer, Charles R.Crown PointIN
CadetDyer, George Sinclair1897;ToledoOH
CadetDyer, VictorBand (3rd Eb Alto) 1900HammondIN
CadetEarhuff, Willlam C.Corporal, Company ?C? 1887ChicagoIL
CadetEast, George L.Band (Eb Clarionet) 1903BuchananMI
CadetEaton, Hugh MccurdySergeant, Company ?C? 1895CorunnaMI
CadetEckhart, Carlos Kern2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetEddy, George IraCorporal 1883; Senior Class Prophet 1884; Football Team 1884; Billiards Team 1884; E.C. Moxam Co. in 1905New YorkNY
CadetEddy, Walter Darius1890SaginawMI
CadetEdgar, Clinton GoodloeCorporal, Company ?D? 1890; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; H.H. Edgar & Son in 1905DetroitMI
CadetEdward, Alexander GeorgeLance Corporal, Company ?B?SpringfieldIL
CadetEdward, R.Private, Company ?A? 1908
CadetEdwards, Charles Ernest GeorgeBand (Baritone) 1897DundeeMI
CadetEinsel, Charles S.Band (3rd Bb Clarinet) 1900HastingsNE
CadetEisele, Garnett MartinPrivate 1905; Private 1906; 1st Sergeant 1907; Senior Captain 1908; Captain, Company ?A? 1908; Baseball (Manager, Captain-Elect and Second Base) 1907; Baseball (Captain) 1908; Football (Manager, Captain and Quarterback) 1907; ?Adjutant? Board; Yearbook Staff (Associate Editor) 1908; Medal for best drilled MMA private 1906; Military Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1907; Captain, Company ?A? 1908; Board of Control and Athletic Manager (Football), MMA Athletic Association 1908; Delta Alpha EpsilonHot SpringsAR
CadetEisenlord, John Nathan2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1890DetroitMI
CadetEisenstaedt, M.Musician, Company ?B? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetElelark, F.1881
CadetEliot, R., Jr.1885MilwaukeeWI
CadetEllis, Charles WilliamCorporal, Company ?B? 1890; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1892; Kodak Club 1892; With Westinghouse Machine Co. in 1905DetroitMI
CadetEllis, WardTopekaKS
CadetEllwood, Erwin Perry1890DeKalbIL
CadetElwell, Philip Roswell1900ChicagoIL
CadetEmbry, Wallace ThornePrivate, Company ?B?; Orchestra (Violin) 1908LouisvilleKY
CadetEnderlin, W.M.Company ?B? 1892ChillicotheOH
CadetEndicott, Charles Andrew1878DetroitMI
CadetEngelman, Paul JonesSergeant, Company ?A? 1887; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1888; Wholesale Dairy Products in 1905ToledoOH
CadetEnos, Horace C.Corporal, Company ?B? 1888MilwaukeeWI
CadetEsterly, George M.1888WhitewaterWI
CadetEvans, Jesse VincentSergeant, Company ?B? 1900HoopestonIL
CadetEvans, John A.1887, 1888WyandotteMI
CadetEvans, Robert Morris1895Fort WayneIN
CadetEveleth, William Simeon1890CorunnaMI
CadetEverest, Aaron Sibley1897AtchesonKS
CadetFaber, Fred John1903FlintMI
CadetFannham, Henry Augustus1897BangorME
CadetFarnham, William H. A.Corporal 1880AddisonNY
CadetFarnsworth, Frederick ClarksonCorporal, Company ?B? 1908NYNY
CadetFarnsworth, W. A.1880SaginawMI
CadetFarwell, George M.1881, 1883DetroitMI
CadetFauth, George Randolph1890DetroitMI
CadetFay, Frank LockhartCadet Sergeant Major 1895Prairie du ChienWI
CadetFelix, Benjamin B.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1888ChicagoIL
CadetFellows, Homer FrankCorporal, Company ?D? 1890SpringfieldMO
CadetFelt, William S.Corporal and Quartermaster 1883; Band (Solo Alto) 1884; Undergraduate Response to Senior Class 1884; Football Team 1884; Lawn Tennis Team 1884; Billiards Team 1884; Expelled 1885LincolnIL
CadetFenner, Francis Edward1890BethlehemPA
CadetFerguson, Alexander DonaldTennis (Captain and Manager) 1907ChicagoIL
CadetFerguson, Donald MchardyCorporal, Company ?A? 1897AlmontMI
CadetFerguson, Frank K.Deceased as of 1905DetroitMI
CadetFerguson, Joseph HughesRichmondMO
CadetFerry, Edward S.Band (Trumpeter) 1886; Band (Trumpeter) 1887Grand HavenMI
CadetFerry, William M.Corporal, Company ?C? 1886; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1887Grand HavenMI
CadetFickhardt, George H.Private, Company ?B? 1908; Football (Right Half) 1907; Kappa Delta PiCirclevilleOH
CadetField, Charles H.1883MuskegonMI
CadetField, EgbertCorporal, Company ?C? 1888; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1890; Deceased as of 1905DetroitMI
CadetField, Freeman1890DetroitMI
CadetField, Lawrence1900Battle CreekMI
Assistant CommandantFigarello, Emelio?But there was another Assistant Commandant there for a few months during the early part of the school year with whom I could pass what little time I had off duty, which incidentally was not a great deal. I was always up before reveille and I had to make inspections of barracks after taps and in between time I was kept pretty busy.?This chap to whom I refer was a captain of cavalry in the Italian army, on leave. Emelio Figarello, Count de Gropello, was a great big overgrown boy; a lovable chap who could never understand us or our ways and who, when gauged by the narrow provincialism of a small American private school in those days, could not be understood by us.?To the boys of the corps he was a standing joke because of his hysteric excitability and his lack of knowledge of our language. He horrified the members of the faculty by his casual references to natural phenomena, which in those days were not mentioned in the presence of ladies. He and I ate together at a lonely little table in the messhall, where we could watch the cadets and keep them from enjoying their meals, and it was then, as I perceived Emelio?s table manners, that I reconstructed all my previously conceived conceptions of European nobility. ?Now, after the passing of years and a broader experience of people, I realize that he was, perhaps, the only human being among us. I know that he had a heart of gold and I imagine that at home he was some pumpkins.?His family owned a whole town and he had a most gorgeous watch that had been presented to him personally by the King of Italy. When he left us he went to South America and I have often wondered what became of him.?From the Edgar Rice Burroughs AutobiographyItaly
CadetFitzgerald, Arthur MichaelSringfieldIL
CadetFitzpatrick, Charles James1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1900ChicagoIL
CadetFlack, Frederick John1890QuincyIL
CadetFlanner, J. C.1881SpringfieldMO
CadetFleming, Ernest W.Sergeant 1881DenverCO
CadetFleming, Lawrence D.Private, Company ?A? 1908ProspectOH
CadetFletcher, Edwin P.Band (Trumpeter) 1886; Band (Trumpeter) 1887DetroitMI
CadetFlick, Alfred F.1886, 1887ClevelandOH
CadetFlick, Fred H.1886, 1887ClevelandOH
CadetFlower, Louis B.1888ChicagoIL
CadetFlower, T. Morris1881San DiegoCA
CadetFoll, W. H.Corporal, Company ?C? 1885LenaIL
CadetFollett, G.C.1892Green BayWI
CadetForbush, Arthur RexPrivate 1907; Lance Corporal, Company ?B? 1908; Football (Center) 1907; Literary Society 1908; Class Poet 1908DetroitMI
CadetForbush, Harry W.Manager Conrad Tanning Co.New YorkNY
CadetFord, Albert N.Battle CreekMI
CadetFord, Louis J.1888BurtonMI
CadetForeman, LouisSergeant, Company ?B? 1900BloomingtonIL
CadetForest, George T.1888Clinton,IA
CadetForrester, Charles CliffordBand 1908; Orchestra (Contra Bass) 1908WaukeganIL
CadetFoster, Henry SidneyCorporal (Trumpeter) 1888; Clergyman in 1905Green BayWI
CadetFoster, Henry VaughnManager, Foster Mercantile Co.Cedar RapidsIA
CadetFoster, James BeverCorporal, Company ?D? 1895Cedar RapidsIA
CadetFouke, G.Company ?B? 1892VandaliaIL
CadetFox, G.Company ?D? 1892San FranciscoCA
CadetFox, Stuart Mcarthur1890DetroitMI
CadetFrazer, Sydney Lampnan1897SpringfieldMO
CadetFrechtling, George L.1903HamiltonOH
CadetFrechtling, Helm PhilipLawyerHamiltonOH
CadetFrechtling, Ralph Fred1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1903HamiltonOH
CadetFrederick, Laurence LouisDramatic Club 1905; Orchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Band (Tuba) 1905GreenvillePA
CadetFreeman, Frank StephenPresident of MMA Alumni AssociationManchesterMI
CadetFrench, Frank J.Sergeant 1880; Captain, Company ?B? 1881Three RiversMI
CadetFrench, Frank T.
CadetFrench, Frederick Joseph1897DetroitMI
CadetFrench, Harry Wallace1890, 1892DeKalbIL
CadetFrench, J. EdwardColor Corporal 1883Three RiversMI
CadetFrench, Joseph Wooster1900Three RiversMI
CadetFrench, Legrand1887, 1888ClevelandOH
CadetFrew, John Remington1895, 1897CoshoctonOH
CadetFrey, W. F.1885SaginawMI
CadetFroedtert, Kurtis Richard1905, 1906MilwaukeeWI
CadetFrorer, F., Jr.1885LincolnIL
CadetFrost, Myron LytleBand (Solo Bb Cornet) 1895HudsonMI
CadetFrost, William ErnestBand (Eb Bass) 1895HudsonMI
CadetFullerton, RobertCaptain, Company ?B? 1900St. LouisMO
CadetFultz, Royal AlfredPresident of MMA Alumni AssociationCheyboyganMI
CadetFunke, Frederick Charles1890Kansas CityMO
CadetFunnell, Carl1903, 1905TopekaKS
CadetGabriel, Charles W.Sergeant, Company ?A? 1886ClevelandOH
CadetGade, William HenryPrivate, Company ?A? 1908NYNY
CadetGalbraith, Stuart EugeneSergeant, Company ?C? 1890; Commissioned Captain 1892; Banjo Club (Mandolin) 1892; Tennis Association 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901; Physician in 1905PontiacMI
CadetGale, Walter F.1888ChicagoIL
CadetGalt, William Thomas1890SterlingIL
CadetGamble, George TelfordCorporal 1883; Band (Eb Tuba) 1884; Billiards Team 1884; Captain, Company ?D? 1885; Band (Eb Tuba) 1885Grand RapidsMI
CadetGardener, Clare L.1888San AntonioTX
CadetGarland, Harry1883Bay CityMI
CadetGarrigues, Edwin C.Corporal 1881SaginawMI
CadetGarth, George Sampson1895LouisvilleKY
CadetGates, Ernest Dana1895Cedar RapidsIA
CadetGaylord, Augustine S.1886Bay CityMI
CadetGaylord, RobertSergeant, Company ?D? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetGeddes, Clifton T.1883AdrianMI
CadetGeohegan, John Edmund1897WichitaKS
CadetGerould, Raymond Lawrence1905WarrenPA
CadetGibbons, H.J.1892ClevelandOH
CadetGibson, Joseph S.GreenvilleMI
CadetGillespie, Albert M.1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1892; Football (Substitute) 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; With H.P. Gillespie & Sons in 1905AspenCO
CadetGillespie, Kendric1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; Mining Business in 1905AspenCO
CadetGiven, Charles W.1881ClevelandOH
CadetGlenn, William T.Corporal, Company ?A? 1885; Band (Cymbals) 1885; Deceased as of 1905CincinnatiOH
CadetGlidden, John WillardManager, Dekalb Electric Co.DeKalbIL
CadetGodel, Edwin A.1900PeoriaIL
CadetGodfrey, Arthur Wilbur1900BostonMA
CadetGoebel, August, Jr.Sergeant, Drum Corps 1883; Band (Piccolo) 1884; Drum Corps, Sergeant 1884; Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1885; Band (Piccolo) 1885DetroitMI
CadetGoldbeck, James Nicholas1897AustinTX
CadetGonska, WalterPrivate 1907; 2nd Sergeant, Company ?A? 1908; Football (Right Guard) 1906; Football (Right Guard) 1907; Orchestra (Viola) 1908DuluthMN
CadetGoodman, L. A.1883Port HuronMI
CadetGoodman, Maurice L.Corporal 1881Port HuronMI
CadetGoodrich, George W.Company ?D? 1892Reed CityMI
CadetGoodrich, Gustavus AlfredCorporal, Company ?D? 1895; Editor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895; Life Insurance in 1905BaltimoreMD
CadetGoodyear, Fred B.Band (Trumpeter) 1886; Band (Trumpeter) 1887; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1888HastingsMI
CadetGoodyear, George EdwardHastingsMI
CadetGoodyear, H.A.Company ?D? 1892Grand RapidsMI
CadetGorham, Charles Truesdell1897MarshallMI
CadetGorton, Cyrus J.1881, 1883BuffaloNY
CadetGould, C. H.1883DetroitMI
CadetGould, Lawrence P.Resigned January 26, 1880OwossoMI
CadetGrace, George H.1903West SuperiorWI
CadetGrace, Harry Holdens, Jr.Student, University of WisconsinSuperiorWI
CadetGraffis, Joseph ThomtonCorporal, Company ?D? 1900LogansportIN
CadetGrant, Homer B.1903ColonaMI
CadetGrassler, RalphPortrayed Mrs. Major Phobbs in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Prize Contest in Declamation June 5, 1905 (1st Prize: Quintette?Intermezzo, from ?Hammer, Op. 32?); Dramatic Club 1905MilwaukeeWI
CadetGraves, Fred RufusCorporal, Company ?A? 1890; ?Crack? Company 1891; Corporal, Company ?A? 1892; Performed at the Columbian Saddle Horse Show 1893DetroitMI
CadetGraves, McdowellCorporal, Company ?A? 1886DetroitMI
CadetGray, James H.Sergeant 1880RomeoMI
CadetGray, John R.1887WaukeshaWI
CadetGray, William L.1881PainesvilleOH
CadetGreble, Fred W.1886, 1887HastingsMI
CadetGreen, Clay ArnoldDismissedAnn ArborMI
CadetGreene, Jones Scott1895TallulaIL
CadetGregg, Hiram Timberlake1895PeruIN
CadetGregory, Alonzo EugenePrivate, Company ?A? 1908Battle CreekMI
CadetGregory, DonaldPrivate, Company ?A? 1908Battle CreekMI
CadetGreiner, Ed. H.1882, 1883BuffaloNY
CadetGrier, Frank MajorCorporal, Company ?A? 1888; Insurance in 1905CharlotteMI
CadetGriffin, F. V.1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1885MilwaukeeWI
CadetGriffin, Frank M.1881St. Thomas, OntarioCanada
CadetGriffin, William W.Band (Tenor Drum) 1884; Drum Corps, Sergeant 1884; 2nd Lieutenant and Quartermaster 1885; Band (Tenor Drum) 1885; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Signal Officer 1886; Counselor at Law in 1905DetroitMI
CadetGriffiths, George Washington1900ChicagoIL
ComposerGroom, Richard W.
CadetGrosvenor, Ebenizer OliverSecretary and Treasurer of MMA Alumni Association 1961, 1962
CadetGrosvenor, Elliot OliverLieutenant 1880; Captain, Company ?A? 1881MonroeMI
CadetGrosvenor, Ira R.1903MonroeMI
CadetGrummond, Nathaniel P.1880, 1881DetroitMI
CadetGuest, Lyman DavidSergeant, Company ?D? 1895; Honor Man (2 terms) 1895BurlingtonIA
CadetGustin, Alford M.1886St. Thomas, OntarioCanada
CadetGuthrey (Or Guthery), Cyril ThaddeusPrivate, Company ?A? 1908LaRueOH
CadetHaag, G.1892KS CityMO
CadetHaisler, Benjamin FranklinCorporal, Company ?B? 1897MilwaukeeWI
CadetHaisler, RaymondCorporal, Company ?B? 1897MadisonWI
CadetHale, Archie T.1887CheyenneWY
CadetHale, Arthur Aldrich1900ChicagoIL
CadetHale, Charles ErastusChicagoIL
CadetHale, Clyde Howard?Crack? Company 1891BeatriceNE
CadetHale, Robert Marion2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1892; Yearbook Editor 1892; Hotel Del Prado in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetHall, Earl FredOwossoMI
CadetHall, Irving James1903Bay CityMI
CadetHall, R.P.Company ?B? 1892DetroitMI
CadetHall, Raymond, Aubrey1900Bay CityMI
CadetHallard, E.(NOTE: Hallard is listed as a graduate in a June 16, 1893 edition of The Detroit Evening News, but does not appear in MMA school catalog graduation lists).ShelbyvilleIN
CadetHalstead, Herbert O.1886MasonMI
CadetHamilton, John Allan1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1887; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1888; Mexican Gulf Agriculture Co. in 1905SaginawMI
CadetHamlin, Edward EllisCorporal, Company ?A? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetHamline, Horace1895ChicagoIL
CadetHamline, Leonidas NicholsonCorporal, Company ?B? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetHammond, Charles1881DetroitMI
CadetHancock, Ray Flavel1895DavenportIA
CadetHand. F.H.Company ?A? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetHaner, Henry Ewing1908FranklinKY
CadetHanna, John Findley1897MonmouthIL
CadetHannan, Frank EdwinWith Hannan Real Estate ExchangeDetroitMI
CadetHanner, George CharlesBugler Corps 1897ToldeoOH
CadetHarbeck, Will H.1883, 1884ToldeoOH
CadetHarker, T. T.Musician, Company ?B? 1892; Performed at the Columbian Saddle Horse Show 1893Storm LakeIA
CadetHarker, Thomas R.1888LeavenworthKS
CadetHarlan, Paul B.1886SpringfieldIL
CadetHarland, Charles L.Corporal 1883; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1884; Baseball Team 1884; Expelled 1885ChicagoIL
CadetHarley, Henry Howell1890LincolnNE
CadetHarmon, Albert C.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1886ChicagoIL
CadetHarmon, Joseph RichardSergeant, Company ?A? 1905MenomineeMI
CadetHarrington, Carl S.1890St. LouisMI
CadetHarris, Gavin H.Band (Drum Major) 1886BucyrusOH
CadetHarris, George M.Suspended May 11, 1883Otter Lake
CadetHarris, Ralph Watson2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1903; Student, Michigan School of Mines in 1905CalumetMI
CadetHarris, Wilmer CarlyleCaptain, Company ?C? 1900; As a boy, Wilmer Harris attended the Clay School in Detroit and sang as a choirboy in Old Mariner's Episcopal Church. A copy of Harris's 1898 diary can be found in the archives of the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society. The journal was written while Wilmer was a 17 year old Junior cadet at the MMA. Dr. Harris received his undergraduate degree at the University of Chicago, his masters degree from the University of Michigan, and his doctorate from the University of Chicago. He taught history at: Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana Ohio State University and
Ohio University. He became the head of the history department at Ohio University in AthensOhio. He was president of the Ohio Teacher's Association and managing editor of the Ohio Teacher Magazine. To make his lectures more interesting he traveled extensively in Europethe Middle East and Russia. Dr. Harris followed his passion and purchased a former county fairground east of ColumbusOhio and managed it as a farm. His prize possessions included Ted and Fred: a team of matched purebred Percheron horses who came in second in an Ohio State Fair pulling contest. After his death in 1963his widow Mary established the Wilmer C. Harris Scholarship Fund at Ohio University in his memory for highly qualified history students.,Ovid,MI
CadetHarrison, Murray Millikin1895PeoriaIL
CadetHarrison, Roy Gilbert1890Grand RapidsMI
CadetHarrison, William1903Grand RapidsMI
CadetHart, Henry Parker1890DetroitMI
CadetHart, Joseph Charles1900ChicagoIL
CadetHart, Morton K.1883, 1886DetroitMI
CadetHart, Robert Hope1905ChicagoIL
CadetHart, Robert Wilkinson1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1890DetroitMI
CadetHart, Verling K.1883, 1886, 1887DetroitMI
CadetHartigan, Leonard WheelerLance Corporal, Company ?A? 1908; Baseball (Substitute) 1907ManilaPhillipine Islands
CadetHartley, Frank Milton1895FairmontWV
CadetHartley, Hary JohnBand (Slide Trombone) 1897FairmontWV
CadetHarvey, George B.Sergeant? Company ?D? 1885SaginawMI
CadetHarvey, George C.Sergeant, Company ?A? 1887; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1888; Cashier First National Bank of Constantine in 1905ConstantineMI
CadetHaskins, George ElmerNon commissioned 1st Sergeant 1903; Band (Drum Major) 1903; Student, University of Michigan in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetHatheway, G. C.1879, 1880New Baltimore
CadetHaviland, William K., Jr.1885, 1886, 1887PequamingMI
CadetHawkins, Leonard R.1888Grand RapidsMI
CadetHawley, Joseph E.R.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1887ShelbyMI
CadetHawxhurst, Merritt MattisonManager, Ann Arbor Printing Co.Ann ArborMI
CadetHay, Francis Haynes1905Los AngelesCA
CadetHayden, G. W.1892ChicagoIL
CadetHayden, Roy WilburPrivate 1907; Corporal 1908; Band, Orchestra (Trombone) 1908, Class Orator 1908MuncieIN
CadetHayden, Thomas P.Student, University of MichiganAnn ArborMI
CadetHaynes, Frank J.Corporal 1880; 1st Sergeant 1881; Wholesale Lumber in 1905Port HuronMI
CadetHaynes, Fred1881Port HuronMI
CadetHaywood, Carl BenjaminMinneapolisMN
CadetHead, Frederick Adelbert, Jr.1897Rock IslandIL
CadetHeaden, Thomas MoultonSergeant, Company ?B? 1897ShelbyvilleIN
CadetHeathBaseball Team 1884
CadetHebert, Bert S.1888GoshenIN
CadetHeebner, Miller BeckmanPrivate 1908; Band, Orchestra (Trombone) 1908LeeMA
CadetHeizer, Frederick HarperBand 1908; Orchestra (Violin) 1908Sioux CityIA
CadetHenderson, Charles RobsonCorporal, Company ?D? 1886; Sergeant, Company ?D? 1887; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1888; Undertaker in 1905E. Las VegasMexico
CadetHenius, Emil Theodore1900ChicagoIL
CadetHenkel, Herman1880, 1881DetroitMI
CadetHenkel, Walter1880, 1881DetroitMI
CadetHenry, Rupert James1897RockfordIL
CadetHerbertBand (Cymbals) 1884
CadetHerdman, Harry PattersonAttorney-at-LawColorado SpringsCO
CadetHerkimer, Irwin M.1886, 1887MattoonIL
CadetHerpolsheimer, Ralph Christian1900Grand RapidsMI
CadetHerrick, John F.1879, 1880Big RapidsMI
CadetHetherington, Webster W.Captain, Company ?A? 1900AtchisonKS
CadetHexter, Albert1887CincinatiOH
CadetHildebrandt, H.Baseball (Pitcher) 1907
CadetHill, Barton B.Civil EngineerNew YorkNY
CadetHill, F.1885IshpemingMI
CadetHill, H.Company ?A? 1892SaginawMI
CadetHill, Hunt ColemanCorporal, Company ?B? 1908PontiacMI
CadetHill, John Gould1897MolineIL
CadetHill, Joseph PricePontiacMI
CadetHill, Louis B.Corporal, Company ?A? 1886KalamazooMI
CadetHinchman, Frank1878DetroitMI
CadetHinchman, Thomas P.1888DetroitMI
CadetHinckley, Milton L.1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster 1900Orchard LakeMI
CadetHinckley, W. H.Resigned September 21, 1880ChicagoIL
CadetHissong, Harry Eby1890FostoriaOH
CadetHixon, W. L.1885La CrosseWI
CadetHodder, A. L.1883CincinnatiOH
CadetHodges, C. H.1st Lieutenant 1879
CadetHodges, George Schuyler1878PontiacMI
CadetHodgkins, William Louis1890ChicagoIL
CadetHoefinghoff, Arthur C.Student, University of CincinnatiCincinnatiOH
CadetHoffman, Hubert J.1880Port HuronMI
CadetHofman, Charles Valentine1908ChicagoIL
CadetHofstatter, Frank Theodore, Jr.Orchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Band (1st Bb Cornet) 1905ClevelandOH
CadetHolcomb, Freeborn PageCompany ?B? 1892; Banjo Club (Banjo) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Tambos; ?Jake? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?); Captain, Company ?B? 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895; 1st Lieutenant, 14th U.S. Cavalry in 1905Plattsburgh, Clinton CountyNY
CadetHolden, Harry B.Corporal, Company ?C? 1903
CadetHolden, Harry W.1903ClevelandOH
CadetHollowell, Linden P.2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1890; Commissioned Captain, ?Crack? Company 1891IndianapolisIN
CadetHolmes, Branson HarleyBand (2nd Trombone) 1903; Student, University of Michigan in 1905LimaOH
CadetHolmes, Carleton Woods1900ChicagoIL
CadetHolmes, David Ripley?Crack? Company 1891; With Parke Davis Co. in 1905DetroitMI
CadetHolmes, Farrand Osborn1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1897DetroitMI
CadetHolmes, H. A.1880ChicagoIL
CadetHolmes, Jonathon AllisonBand (2nd Alto) 1897Burr OakMI
CadetHolmes, Oliver W.Corporal 1883ChicagoIL
CadetHolmes, Ross Hartley1890DetroitMI
CadetHolmes, William Sheldon1895Ann ArborMI
CadetHooper, O.Company ?A? 1892; Banjo Club (Guitar) 1892OshkoshWI
CadetHoose, Floyd RaymondOrchestra (Cornet) 1905; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1905VincennesIN
CadetHoover, Elmer E.Discharged February 23, 1881BuffaloNY
CadetHoover, Harry H.Sergeant, Company ?A? 1903BuffaloNY
CadetHoover, Perry Brayton1897BuffaloNY
CadetHopkins, Charles Sumner1905DetroitMI
CadetHopkins, Frank B.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1890; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer 1892; Football (Substitute) 1892MilwaukeeWI
CadetHopkins, Merrell Leroy2nd Sergeant, Company ?B? 1908ChicagoIL
CadetHopkins, Nelson SanfordCorporal, Company ?C? 1890; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Signal Officer 1892; Secretary, Wood's Electric Vehicle Co. in 1905MilwaukeeWI
CadetHopkins, Theodore Carlisle1905DetroitMI
CadetHopkins, William A.1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1888; Cashier, Northern Pacific Express Co. in 1905SeattleWA
CadetHopper, Walter A.1882, 1883MI CityIN
CadetHorkheimer, Henry S.1900WheelingWV
CadetHorr, Rollin AlbertCorporal, Company ?D? 1888; Member of Executive Committee of MMA Alumni Association 1903; Phipps, Penoyer & Co. in 1905SaginawMI
CadetHorton, F.R.1892ChicagoIL
CadetHorton, Ferdinand MoselyPrincetonIL
CadetHough, Frank S.1881DetroitMI
CadetHough, George S.1881DetroitMI
CadetHoward, E. G.Corporal, Company "D" 1885"DavenportIA
CadetHoward, George FrankCounselor at LawDavenportIA
CadetHoward, Noble Paul, JrNon commissioned Sergeant 1903; Band (Euphonium) 1903WaldronIN
CadetHoward, Stanley EdwardCorporal, Company ?B? 1895BeldingMI
CadetHowell, Charles JohnBand 1908; Football (Substitute Full) 1907; Basketball (Forward) 1907; Orchestra (Flute and Oboe) 1908FostoriaOH
CadetHowry, Henry KirkCorporal, Company ?D? 1885; General Manager, Western Beef Company in 1905SaginawMI
CadetHowry, John HubbardLieutenant 1881SaginawMI
CadetHoyt, Edward Arthur1895CorsicanaTX
CadetHoyt, Lucius Herbert1890, 1892AuroraIL
CadetHoyt, Wilbur SmithSergeant 1883; 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1885; Fruit Grower Fresno, CF in 1905MuskegonMI
CadetHubbard, D. H.Baseball Team 1884; Expelled 1885Mt. ClemensMI
CadetHubbell, James P.ArchitectKeokukIA
CadetHubbell, Leslie ThomasNon commissioned Sergeant Major 1892; Tennis Association 1892; With Marshall-Wells Hardware Co., Salt Lake City, UT, in 1905South ManistiqueMI
CadetHudnutt, Joseph F.1900Big RapidsMI
CadetHuey, LeroyBand (2nd Bb Clarionet) 1903ManningtonWV
CadetHuey, Lowry H.Left Tackle, Football 1905; Orchestra (Clarionet) 1905; Band (2nd Bb Clarionet) 1905; Secretary of MMA Alumni Association 1947ManningtonWV
CadetHuffer, Arthur P.1890MuncieIN
CadetHugh, David1888, 1890MorleyMI
CadetHull, Chester Haviland1905ChicagoIL
CadetHull, Floyd ByronCorporal, Company ?C? 1895; Captain, Company ?B? 1897AdrianMI
CadetHull, Leroy WetmoreSergeant, Company ?C? 1905; Read class history at graduation ceremonies 1905; General News Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1905; Right End, Football 1905Orchard LakeMI
CadetHumbird, T. J.1883HudsonWI
CadetHumphreys (Or Humphries), StanleyPrivate, Company ?A? 1908ProspectOH
CadetHunt, A. FrazierPortrayed Captain Spruce in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Student, University of Illinois in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetHuntington, George Burrows1908DetroitMI
CadetHuntoon, George Edgar1897MolineIL
CadetHurd, E. M.1882, 1883BuffaloNY
CadetHurlbut, Edwin R.Suspended May 11, 1883Oak ParkIL
CadetHutchinson, Marcus C.Captain, Company ?C? 1905; Vice-President, MMA Athletic Association 1905FennvileMI
CadetHutzel, Hugo FrederickPrivate 1908; Band, Orchestra (Violin) 1908MuncieIN
CadetHyatt, Walter DarstSergeant, Company ?A? 1897ToledoOH
CadetHyland, George HughCompany ?B? 1892; Senior Class Statistician 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; With C., H. & D.R.R. Co. in 1905HamiltonOH
CadetIngersoll, George Chandos1900ChicagoIL
CadetIngram, Hiram Damon FisherCorporal, Company ?B? 1908; President of MMA Alumni AssociationFlorenceWI
CadetIrwin, Duncan1886Ft. WayneIN
CadetIrwin, RobertPrivate, Company ?B?LouisvilleKY
CadetJackson, Delos G.1883Bay CityMI
CadetJackson, William R.Corporal 1881St. Thomas, OntarioCanada
CadetJacoby, Walter E.Commissioned Color Sergeant 1886ToledoOH
CadetJay, Adrian1880Bay CityMI
CadetJaycox, John M.Color Sergeant 1883
Iron and Steel in PhiladelphiaPA in 1905,Ann Arbor,MI
CadetJaynes, Urlin C.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1903BuffaloNY
CadetJefferson, Thomas E.Dismissed March 31, 1881HudsonWI
CadetJeffs, W. B.1885RocklandMI
CadetJenkins, Corbett Roy1905, 1908HoughtonMI
CadetJenkins, Isaiah DellCorporal, Company ?B? 1908; Football (Right Tackle) 1907HoughtonMI
CadetJenks, Benjamin LanePrivate, Company ?B? 1908; Delta Alpha EpsilonIthacaNY
CadetJenks, J. B.1883Grand RapidsMI
CadetJess, John Agee1895JacksonvilleIL
CadetJess, Robert Emmett1895JacksonvilleIL
CadetJessop, Thomas M.1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1885QuincyIL
CadetJewett, Edward W.1881BuffaloNY
CadetJewett, George Ellis1895LawrenceKS
CadetJob, M.J.1892AltonIL
CadetJocelyn, Robert Mccoy?Crack? Company 1891ChicagoIL
CadetJoel, Benjamin K.Band (Tuba) 1892; Banjo Club (Mandolin) 1892Fort SmithAR
CadetJohnson, Benjamin Percy1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1897SpringfieldOH
CadetJohnson, Edward, Jr.Corporal, Company ?A? 1897ColumbusOH
CadetJohnson, William H.1883SpringfieldMO
CadetJohnston, Fay1897Grand RapidsMI
CadetJones, Charles Truscott1908AkronOH
CadetJones, Eugene Berkey2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1895
With W.A. Berkey Furniture Co.New York in 1905.,Grand Rapids,MI
CadetJones, Harry BerkeyCompany ?C? 1892; Adjutant 1894; Died February 1894Grand RapidsMI
CadetJones, William C.1885, 1886ChicagoIL
CadetJordan, Thomas WilliamCorporal, Company ?B? 1903
Office of the Enquirer in 1905,Buffalo,NY
CadetJoss, Harold MerrillCommissioned Color Sergeant 1887; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1888. Chicago in 1905JamestownNY
CadetJoy, FredLieutenant 1880DetroitMI
CadetJoy, Henry Bourne1879, 1880DetroitMI
CadetJudd, Frank R.1881SaginawMI
CadetJuttner, J.A.Company ?D? 1892; Football (Left Guard) 1892MenomineeMI
CadetKalmbach, George W.Corporal, Company ?D? 1886Grand RapidsMI
CadetKanitz, Hugo1887, 1888MuskegonMI
CadetKanouse, Harry W.1887ManisteeMI
CadetKatzenstein, Leon E.1881MilwaukeeWI
CadetKaufman, Alfred W.1890El PasoTX
CadetKeck, WilliamPortrayed a policeman in the play, ?The Doctor?s Assistant? on May 14, 1904; President of MMA Alumni AssociationChicagoIL
CadetKellogg, Josiah1900LeavenworthKS
CadetKelly, Edward B.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1886TroyOH
CadetKelsey, T.J.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1892; Football (Left Half) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Bones; ?Pilgarlic? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?)ChicagoIL
CadetKelsey, William H.1881, 1883Three RiversMI
CadetKemler, Truman DouglasStudent, University of WisconsinPlattsvilleWI
CadetKemp, A.P.Company ?B? 1892Sault St. MarieMI
CadetKempf, John R.Corporal, Company ?C? 1885; Captain, Company ?A? 1886; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901
Secy. and Treas.The Star Corundum Wheel Co.,Ann Arbor,MI
CadetKenefick, Robert Emmett1900Dell RapidsSD
CadetKern, Fred R.1887, 1888InpolisIN
CadetKerr, Robert William1890BucyrusOH
CadetKetcham, Frank D.1880ChicagoIL
CadetKey, Pierre Van R.1890RacineWI
CadetKeyes, George EdwardCorporal, Company ?C? 1897; Member of Executive Committee of MMA Alumni Association 1903
. With Farmers' National Bank in 1905,Springfield,IL
CadetKeys, Alvin Searles1905SpringfieldIL
CadetKeys, Edward Lincoln1905SpringfieldIL
CadetKidd, Will D.1903Benton HarborMI
CadetKies, Harry UsherBand (Cymbals) 1892; Cadet 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster 1895; Honor Man (2 terms) 1895ManchesterMI
CadetKilgour, J.A.Company ?D? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892SterlingMI
CadetKillius, Jacob HarryBand (Cymbals) 1897; Bugler Corps 1897; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1900ClevelandOH
CadetKillmaster, John HenryCorporal 1881
CadetKimball, John L.1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1886Salt Lake CityUT
CadetKimball, Theodore MahonMilwaukeeWI
CadetKimberly, Samuel CharlesCaptain, Company ?C? 1890; Captain, Company ?B? 1892; 3rd Sergeant, ?Crack? Company 1891; Yearbook Editor 1892; Tennis Association 1892; Prize Contest in Declamation May 27, 1892 (Honorable Mention: Lucy Servosse?s Ride, from ?Fool?s Errand?)SaginawMI
CommandantKing, CharlesWest Point, Class of 1866. Became Brigadier General. Became Superintendent of St. John's Military Academy in Delaware, Wisconsin (1906).
CadetKing, Clive Wills1905DaytonOH
CadetKing, Ray MarionBand (Chief Trumpeter, 2nd Eb Alto) 1900StantonMI
CadetKing, William L.1882, 1883, 1890ChicagoIL
CadetKingston, William H.1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1887Central MineMI
CadetKinney, Arthur L.1887TiskilwaIL
CadetKinsman, Charles CollinsCompany ?D? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891DecaturIL
CadetKipka, Ross EugenePrivate 1908; Football (Left End) 1907; Band, Orchestra (Violin) 1908; Chi Sigma ChiFostoriaOH
CadetKirk, James RalphCorporal, Company ?A? 1900AdrianMI
CadetKirkpatrick, Lyman Bickford1st Lieutentant, Company ?A? 1900MacedonNY
CadetKirkwood, M. F.1881ChicagoIL
CadetKirmayer, Joseph HenryLeavenworthKS
CadetKislingbury, H.H.G.Commissioned Sergeant Major 1886. From Susan K. (4/10/2010)- I believe he was living with a guardian Charles L Clark, as his father was off on the Greely Expedition (Lady Franklin Bay Expedition) where he died from starvation June 1, 1884. Charles L Clark committed suicide and so far im unable to find any information on what year that occurred. I believe Clark lived in Detroit, at the time, he also was guardian of Walter F Kislingbury, HHG's younger brother.DetroitMI
CadetKlaehn, Robert HenryCorporal, Company ?A? 1908Fort WayneIN
CadetKling, August1888DetroitMI
CadetKloepfer, Carl OttoCorporal, Company ?B? 1895PlymouthIN
CadetKnill, William H.1882, 1883FlintMI
CadetKnox, J. ForestColor Corporal 1883BuffaloNY
CadetKoch, WalterMilwaikeeWI
CadetKoch, William GeorgePresenter of gifts at graduation ceremonies 1902MilwaukeeWI
CadetKoehule, William C.Deceased as of 1905LincolnIL
CadetKohl, Charles Edward, Jr.1900ChicagoIL
CadetKuehn, Lester1890GalvestonTX
CadetKuhles, Cicero Stock1895St. PaulMN
CadetKuhn, WilliamOrchestra (Flute) 1908MilwaukeeWI
CadetKumler, Clifford FrederickPrivate 1907; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1908; Football (Qurterback) 1906; Football (Captain) 1907; Vice-President, MMA Athletic Association 1908; ?Adjutant? Board 1908; Yearbook Staff (Associate Editor) 1908; Medal Best Drilled MMA Private 1907; Senior Class Treasurer; Grinds Department, ?The Adjutant? 1907; Kappa Delta PiDaytonOH
CadetKurtz, Stewart Hamilton1897IndianapolisIN
CadetKusterer, G. Adolph1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1886Grand RapidsMI
CadetLadd, Pierre B.Corporal, Company ?B? 1885St. LouisMO
CadetLahm, Frank PurdyUSA 1954 pc sig. Gen. Frank Lahm, Aviator
Although he graduated in the top fifth of his classhe found plenty of time for athletics. He held the rope climbing record at West Pointand his great enthusiasm for riding led him into the Cavalry upon graduation in 1901. He became a second lieutenant of cavalry and served in the Philippines for two years.
Upon his return to the United States in 1903Lieutenant Lahm was stationed at West Point as an instructor in French. The summer of 1904 was eventful. It marked the beginning of his activities in aeronautics.
Lahm's father had joined the Aero Club of France and owned the balloon the Katherine Hamiltonnamed in honor of his daughter. The elder Lahm made frequent ascensions and initiated his son in a night ascension.
Lieutenant Lahm contracted typhoid in the spring of 1907. He spent part of his convalescence at a rest home in St. Germain. One day the garden gate opened and in walked the senior Lahm and Wilbur and Orville Wright. This was the beginning of a warm friendship which lasted until the two brothers died.
CadetLaird, George Ashmun1890KingstonNM
CadetLamb, Chauncey R.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1887, Carpenter-Lamb Co. in 1905ClintonIA
CadetLamb, Garrett E.Corporal, Company ?D? 1888
C. Lamb & SonsLumber in 1095,Clinton,IA
CadetLamb, James Dwight1890ClintonIA
CadetLandon, Lucius H.1887NilesMI
CadetLandwehr, Carl HermanMilwaukeeWI
CadetLandwehr, Walter DietrichCorporal, Company ?C? 1897MilwaukeeWI
CadetLansingh, Dempster L.1885, 1886ChicagoIL
CadetLaRue, Frederick LyonCorporal, Company ?B? 1900HoughtonMI
CadetLarwill, Othniel1883WoosterOH
CadetLasalle, James Joseph1890ToledoOH
CadetLathan, W. W.1883LincolnIL
CadetLatimer, William GeorgeCorporal 1881; Captain 1883; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901, Secretary, The Latimer Legett Co. in 1905DetroitMI
CadetLaw, R.Company ?D? 1892; Baseball (Catcher) 1892; Football (Quarter Back) 1892Ann ArborMI
CadetLawrence, Frank, Jr.1897SaginawMI
CadetLawrence, Horatio IrelandSergeant (Trumpeter) 1888; 1st Sergeant, Bugle and Drum Corps 1890; Musician, ?Crack? Company 1891
2nd Lieutenant 20th Infantry U.S. Army in 1905West Point,New York,NY
CadetLawrence, William ArthurPrivate 1907; Sergeant-Major 1908; Chi Sigma ChiBellefontaineOH
CadetLawson, L.H.1892OshkoshWI
CadetLawton, Joseph R., Jr.1881ToldeoOH
CadetLay, Robert DwightPerformed at the Columbian Saddle Horse Show (Color Bearer) 1893, With Knickerbocker Ice Co. in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetLeadbetter, Charles CurtisBand (3rd Alto) 1895SaginawMI
CadetLeClear, F. B.ResignedJacksonMI
CadetLee, George WaithCorporal 1880; 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1881; Company ?B? 1881LancasterNY
CadetLee, Harry CainOrchestra (Double Bass) 1905; Band (1st Trombone) 1905HarrisburgIL
CadetLee, Randolph HectorPrivate, Company ?B?Bayside, Long IslandNY
CadetLeete, Albert H.1885, 1886, 1887, 1888St. HelensMI
CadetLefevre, EdwardSergeant, Company ?C? 1886PanamaU.S. of Columbia
CadetLefevre, EdwinEditor Commercial AdvertiserNew YorkNY
CadetLefevre, George Edwin1887PanamaU.S. of Columbia
CadetLefevre, Harry, Jr.Corporal, Company ?B? 1885PanamaU.S. of Columbia
CadetLefevre, Henry Francis Jr.1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1887
Mining Engineer in 1905,New York,NY
CadetLefevre, Samuel FrankLieutenant, Company ?D? 1905; Captain and Right Tackle, Football 1905; Goal, Hockey 1905CharlevoixMI
CadetLeighty, John R.1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1886BlairIN
CadetLeland, Jerome AaronWoodside FarmSpringfieldIL
CadetLempert, Eugene M.1903ToledoOH
CadetLeonard, CrosbyCommissioned Captain 1892; Yearbook Editor 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; Musician, ?Crack? Company 1891MilwaukeeWI
CadetLeonard, Edward FoxBand (Alto) 1892
Deceased as of 1905,Milwaukee,WI
CadetLeppelman, S. S. C.1881FremontOH
CadetLester, David Roy1895Marine CityMI
CadetLevi, Arthur Wilson1905DubuqueIA
CadetLevi, George H.1890ChicagoIL
CadetLewis, Arthur B.1886DetroitMI
CadetLewis, Clarence MarionPrivate, Company ?A? 1908Bay CityMI
CadetLewis, Frederick1900Oil CityPA
CadetLewis, Harry SpearmanPrize Speaker (Silver Medal) 1895WheatonIL
CadetLewis, Ralph WitmerCorporal, Company ?A? 1900Los AngelesCA
CadetLincoln, Charles KimballBand Sergeant (Bass Drum) 1895WoodstockOH
CadetLindenburg, George Walter1895ColumbusOH
CadetLindenburg, Leo1900ColumbusOH
CadetLindenburg, O.Company ?B? 1892ColumbusOH
CadetLindenburg, Paul1895ColumbusOH
CadetLindenburg, RobertSergeant, Company ?D? 1900ColumbusOH
CadetLinsley, Raymond Burch1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1903
StudentUniversity of Michigan in 1905,Three Rivers,MI
CadetLinzee, Charles E.Corporal 1881; Assistant Quartermaster 1883; Baseball Team 1884; Lawn Tennis Team 1884; Billiards Team 1884; Captain and Assistant Quartermaster 1885; Commissioned Captain, Assistant Quartermaster 1886 (Note: The 1883 school catalog has Linzee listed as an 1883 graduate)DetroitMI
CadetLloyd, Arthur C.1887DetroitMI
CadetLloyd, Edwin A.R.Read class history at graduation ceremonies 1902Mason CityIA
CadetLloyd, William H. , Jr.Resigned December 19, 1879SaginawMI
CadetLoch, Charles IrvinOrchestra (Cello) 1905; Band (Eb Clarionet) 1905DecaturIN
CadetLockerby, Arnold G.1908Grand RapidsMI
CadetLockwood, Charles J.
CadetLodge, John ChristianResigned January 17, 1881Orchard LakeMI
CadetLong, Burt E.Band (Bass Drum and Cymbals) 1886FlintMI
CadetLongnecker, Edgar B.Sergeant, Company ?C? 1903DeltaOH
CadetLothrup, Cyrus Edwin2nd Lieutenant,
Attended ca. 1878,Detroit,MI
CadetLoughry, Howard KendallCadet, West Point in 1905MonticelloIN
CadetLounsbery, E. P.1883, 1885South HavenMI
CadetLovett, Everett JohnGave speech to ungraduates at graduation ceremonies 1902
StudentUniversity of Michigan in 1905,Chicago,IL
CadetLovett, Wiliam W.1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1885; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster 1886, Los Angeles in 1905DetroitMI
CadetLudolph, Carl H.1887LeavenworthKS
CadetLyons, Avery Albert1897, 1898Bay CityMI
CadetLytle, James Dudley1905DetroitMI
CadetLytle, Lindol S.1886DelphosOH
CadetMACHBand (Tenor) 1886
CadetMACK, John JacobDenverCO
CadetMacLACHLAN, FrederickChicagoIL
CadetMaclean, William Archibald2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1903
StudentUniversity of Michigan in 1905,Hancock,MI
CadetMacmullen, JohnOscodaMI
CadetMACOMB, John GordonCorporal, Company ?C? 1900Fort BlissTX
CadetMACOMB, Philip LivingstonOrchestra (2nd Violin) 1905; Chief Trumpeter 1908; Staples Gold Medal prize for marksmanship 1908Fort HuachucaAZ
CadetMACOWEN, SidneyCaptain and Cadet Aide-de-camp 1900Niagara FallsNY
CadetMALLERY, Harvey JamesSergeant Major 1900FlintMI
CadetMANDELL, W. C.Suspended May 11, 1883DetroitMI
CadetManheimer, JulianReporterChicagoIL
CadetMANLY, Robert WolfChillicotheOH
CadetMANN, William H.Corporal 1883MuskegonMI
CadetMansfield, George ArnoldSergeant, Drum Corps 1885; Band (Tenor Drum) 1886; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1888; Deceased as of 1905DetroitMI
CadetMarquis, Charles Baldwin?Crack? Company 1891LyonsIA
CadetMARSH, Arthur FestusAlleganMI
CadetMartin, Frank HainEditor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895; Hotel Richmond in 1905Des MoinesIA
CadetMarvin, George F.Student, University of MichiganSt. JohnsMI
CadetMASON, L.G.Company ?B? 1892MuskegonMI
CadetMASON, Sheridan F.Corporal, Company ?C? 1890ChicagoIL
CadetMason, William L.Adjutant 1884; Senior Class Historian 1884; Football Team 1884; Counselor at Law in 1905L?AnseMI
CadetMASTERMAN, Ned EmmettBand (Chief Trumpeter) 1908; Baseball (Third Base) 1907; Orchestra (Trumpet) 1908IndependenceKS
CadetMATHEWS, Frederick W.ChicagoIL
CadetMATTESON, C.C.?Crack? Company 1891; 1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1892; Kodak Club 1892ChicagoIL
CadetMaxwell, Willard FinleyPrivate 1908; Band, Orchestra (Violin) 1908; Basketball (Forward) 1907Oil CityPA
CadetMAY, James H.IndianpolisIN
CadetMAYHEW, William HoraceSan FranciscoCA
CadetMcARTHUR, C. J.CheboyganMI
CadetMcarthur, Williams S.Band (Bass Drum) 1884; Baseball Team 1884; Band (1st Eb Alto) 1885; Flour Milling in 1905CheboyganMI
CadetMcBANE, AngusFort DodgeIA
CadetMcCALL, Harry ThorntonCharlotteMI
CadetMcCLELLAN, FullerChicagoIL
CadetMcclure, Francis SamuelCaptain, Company ?D? 1903StillwaterMN
CadetMcCONAHA, Elmer FergusonBand (2nd Coronet) 1900CentervilleIN
CadetMcCORMICK, C.K.Company ?A? 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; Baseball (1st Base) 1892Salt Lake CityUT
CadetMccoy, RalphSergeant, Company ?D? 1890; ?Crack? Company 1891; 1st Lieutenant 7th U.S. Infantry in 1905Grand RapidsMI
CadetMccreary, Robert GrosvenorRead class prophecy at graduation ceremonies 1902ClevelandOH
CadetMcCREERY, Lewis S.DetroitMI
CadetMccrerry, Fenton ReubenSecretary of U.S. Legation, Mexico in 1905FlintMI
CadetMcDONALD, Malcolm, Jr.ChicagoIL
CadetMcdowell, Thomas, Jr.1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1903; Deceased as of 1905Niagara FallsNY
CadetMcdowell, William2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1903Niagara FallsNY
CadetMcewan, James WilliamCompany ?C? 1892; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1895DetroitMI
CadetMcGALLIARD, WilliamLincolnIL
CadetMcGONIGAL, Fred M.ClevelandOH
CadetMcgraw, T. ArthurCaptain, Company ?B? 1887; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901DetroitMI
CadetMcGREGOR, CharlesSergeant, Company ?C? 1886DaytonOH
CadetMcGREGOR, G.Company ?C? 1892DetroitMI
CadetMcguire, Edward T.Wells-Fargo Express Co. in 1905MarionOH
CadetMcHENRY, W.E.Company ?B? 1892St. LouisMS
CadetMcKERCHER, Charles W.H.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1903Sioux CityIA
CadetMcKIBBIN, James L.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1890LeavenworthKS
CadetMcKillip, George BoomerCaptain, Company ?D? 1900 (NOTE: McKillip is listed as a graduate in the 1900 MMA Catalog, but does not appear in graduation lists in later catalogs.)ChicagoIL
CadetMcKILLIP, William HarrisonChicagoIL
CadetMcKINNON, HectorBay CityMI
CadetMcknight, GardnerAttended ca. 1878St. LouisMO
CadetMclain, Walter Hill1891; ?Crack? Company 1891; Manufacturing Business in 1905CantonOH
CadetMcMILLAN, Horace Greeley, Jr.1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1908Cedar RapidsIA
CadetMcMillan, James HowardDetroitMI
CadetMcMULLEN, George K.Grand RapidsMI
CadetMcNEILL, Malcolm, Jr.ChicagoIL
CadetMead, John A.B.1st Sergeant 1883; Senior Class Secretary 1884; Deceased as of 1905Grand RapidsMI
CadetMEAD, William WatsonGrand RapidsMI
CadetMEADOWCROFT, Fred H.ChicagoIL
CadetMECARTNEY, NewellTrack (Captain-Elect) 1907
CadetMECHEM, Philip RussellChicagoIL
CadetMEDBURY, SamuelCorporal, Drum Corps 1883DetroitMI
CadetMEDBURY, T. M.Dismissed May 11, 1883DetroitMI
CadetMEECH, D. F.NorwoodMI
CadetMEECH, SanfordResigned December 19, 1879GrotonCT
CadetMEESCHBand (1st Eb Alto) 1886
CadetMELVINBand (Eb Cornet and Eb Tuba) 1886
CadetMERRELL, Edward C.RawlinsWY
CadetMERRILL, Ralph P.Bay CityMI
CadetMETZGER, Horner LegarToledoOH
CadetMEYER, Fred C.ChicagoIL
CadetMichael, Herbert SamuelLogansportIN
CadetMiles, Benjamin F.MilesIA
CadetMiles, Harry ScottINpolisIN
CadetMiles, Richard BoodyINpolisIN
CadetMiller, Frank J.Captain, Company ?C? 1890OttawaKS
CadetMiller, FredBay CityMI
CadetMiller, Harvey FrederickBand (1st Trombone) 1900JacksonMI
CadetMiller, Homer PattersonCorporal, Company ?A? 1905MarionIN
CadetMiller, Leland HubertPrivate, Company ?B?DetroitMI
CadetMiller, Raymond J.Corporal, Company ?D? 1888ChicagoIL
CadetMills, Roy EverettCorporal, Company ?A? 1897ToledoOH
CadetMiner, Dann Morse
CadetMiskimen, William A.HoopestonIL
CadetMitchell, William C.CadillacMI
CadetMitts, Robert MerrillSaginawMI
CadetMoffat, J. H.BuffaloNY
CadetMoffitt, Lloyd2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1903; North Yakima, WA in 1905.GuthrieOK
CadetMonroe, John DanielHancockMI
CadetMontelius, G. D.Band (Cornet) 1892Piper CityIL
CadetMontelius, J.A.Musician, Company ?A? 1892Piper CityIL
CadetMontfort, Louis BolducNon Commissioned Sergeant; Band (1st Eb Alto) 1903FlorenceWI
CadetMontgomery, Charles H.Grand RapidsMI
CadetMontgomery, George B.Sergeant 1880; Lieutenant 1881BuffaloNY
CadetMontgomery, Henry E.Sergeant 1881BuffaloNY
CadetMoody, A., Jr.ChicagoIL
CadetMoody, BurdettUndergraduate Response to Senior Class 1884; Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1885; Band (2nd Eb Alto) 1885; Engineer, Homestake Mining Co, Lead City, SD in 1905DeadwoodDakota Territory
CadetMoody, C. N.ChicagoIL
CadetMook, Harry Gilbert2nd Base, Baseball 1905MarionIN
CadetMoore, Charles W.Captain, Company ?B? 1880; Ramos, LA in 1905DouglasMI
CadetMoore, Clement F.LimaOH
CadetMoore, Harry WardOrchestra (Horn) 1905; Band (2nd Horn) 1905BentonIL
CadetMoore, Henry WayneStaples 2nd prize for marksmanship 1905Red OakIA
CadetMoore, John WilliamSergeant, Company ?A? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891DetroitMI
CadetMoore, KilburnCompany ?B? 1892GalvestonTX
CadetMoore, Louis B.SummervilleMI
CadetMoore, Morison J.Band (Snare Drum) 1900AvonOH
CadetMoore, Robert Mitchell, Jr.HollandMI
CadetMoore, William H.Resigned December 10, 1879DetroitMI
CadetMoorman, Elmore B.LouisvilleKY
CadetMoreland, Fred LeslieBand Sergeant Leader (Solo Bb Cornet) 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895; Moreland & Bump, Music Publishers in 1905ToledoOH
CadetMoreland, Fred LesliePrize Speaker (Gold Medal) 1895AdrianMI
CadetMorford, Wager GilbertRiversideIL
CadetMorgan, HowardColor Corporal 1883St. ClairMI
CadetMorley, L. M.Marine CityMI
CadetMorse, Benjamin C.MarquetteMI
CadetMorton, Alfred WetzlarSenior Class Marshall 1884; Chairman, Senior Class Executive Committee 1884; Football Team 1884; Marshall Field & Co., Chicago, IL in 1905.Fort RobinsonNE
CadetMorton, Charles E.?Crack? Company 1891Grand RapidsMI
CadetMorton, Edward CampbellSergeant 1883; Football Team 1884; Captain, Company ?C? 1885; Physician and Surgeon, Chicago, IL in 1905.Fort RobinsonNE
CadetMouat, James McmillanFootball 1905; 1st Base, Baseball 1905; 1st Base, Baseball 1906DetroitMI
CadetMould, William EverettCheboyganMI
CadetMoulton, Harry S.LimaOH
CadetMuir, W. Howie,Sergeant 1883; Senior Class Poet 1884; Baseball Team 1884; Football Team 1884; Lawn Tennis Team 1884; Billiards Team 1884; Jenks & Muir Mfg. Co. in 1905DetroitMI
CadetMULFORD, E.R.ChicagoIL
CadetMulliken, George Fred1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1887; Captain, Company ?B? 1888; Treasurer, Copper, Wells & Co. in 1905.St. JosephMI
CadetMUNN, W. GarnettLouisvilleKY
CadetMurdock, Walter ThompsonOrchard LakeMI
CadetMURPHY, Elbridge NorrisGreen BayWI
CadetMURPHY, J. H.Dismissed January 16, 1883INpolisIN
CadetMURRAY, R. E.DetroitMI
CadetMURRAY, Thomas G. (or J.)DetroitMI
CadetMYGATT, Edgar S.AugustaMI
CadetNagel, Frank P.BuffaloNY
CadetNash, Frederick AugustusBand (2nd Bb Cornet) 1895OmahoNE
CadetNattinger, George WillisCorporal, Company ?A? 1890; Traveling Salesman in 1905LyonsIA
CadetNaylor, William Keith1st Lieutenant, 9th U.S. InfantryHamburgMI
CadetNeedham, Hubbard SmithBand (Solo Alto) 1897WilliamstonKY
CadetNegrete, Frank LopezBand (Bass Drum) 1900DurangoMexico
CadetNelson, John C.Park CityUT
CadetNewberry, John PhelpsDetroitMI
CadetNewberry, John S., Jr.DetroitMI
CadetNewberry, Truman HandyDetroitMI
CadetNewbro, William HallLance Corporal, Company ?A? 1908DetroitMI
CadetNewburgh, Albert L.CincinnatiOH
CadetNewcomb, Charles T.MuskegonMI
CadetNewell, Herbert Chase1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1897DenverCO
CadetNewkirk, H.A.Company ?A? 1892Bay CityMI
CadetNewlin, Charles M.RichmondIN
CadetNewman, John HenryMedical Student, Chicago, IL in 1905Cedar RapidsIA
CadetNewman, Lew S.Band (Eb Bass) 1897Union CityMI
CadetNewton, Will I.BataviaIL
CadetNiccolls, Robert S.LexintonIL
CadetNicholl, Alfred GrantNorth AmherstOH
CadetNichols, Ira B.DenverCO
CadetNicholson, George R.AlpenaMI
CadetNoake, Harry FrancisCorporal, Company ?C? 1900Oak ParkIL
CadetNoble, Edwin StillsonCompany ?C? 1892Elk RapidsMI
CadetNoble, Harry A.San FranciscoCA
CadetNoble, Henry H.Non commissioned Ordnance Sergeant 1892; Groceries, E.S. Noble & Sons in 1905Elk RapidsMI
CadetNoble, PercyElk RapidsMI
CadetNoble, Percy C.Corporal, Company ?C? 1892Elk RapidsMI
CadetNoble, Warham M.Commissioned Sergeant-Major 1887RocklandME
CadetNordyke, Walter A.Corporal, Company ?D? 1888INpolisIN
CadetNoret, Edwin LancePrivate, Company ?A? 1908HartMI
CadetNorth, David JordonCorporal, Company ?C? 1900San JoseCA
CadetNorthwood, William HermanBand (Cymbals) 1900DetroitMI
CadetNorton, Arthur WilcoxChicagoIL
CadetNorton, F.Musician, Company ?C? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Ballet Dance; ?Rose? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?)DetroitMI
CadetNorton, John Dudley1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1895PontiacMI
CadetNorton, PaulDied 1896-97ChicagoIL
CadetNye, James Loren, Jr.Non commissioned Sergeant 1903; Band (2nd Eb Alto) 1903; Presenter of gifts at graduation ceremonies 1905; Athletic Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1905; Manager, Football 1905; Manager, Hockey 1905; Orchestra (Piano) 1905; Band (1st Horn) 1905PlattevilleWI
CadetO?Connell, John J.CincinnatiOH
CadetOdena, Frederick MarionDetroitMI
CadetOhlemacher, Albert O.SanduskyOH
CadetOlds, Lee MerrittCounselor at Law, San Francisco, CA, in 1905.Columbia CityIN
CadetOliver, James, Jr.Corporal, Company ?A? 1900South BendIN
CadetOlney, A.G.Grand RapidsMI
CadetOlney, George Edgar1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1890; Deceased as of 1905Grand RapidsMI
CadetOrlady, George BoalPrivate, Company ?A? 1908DurandWI
CadetOrr, CharlesManistiqueMI
CadetOrrell, William C.FlintMI
CadetOrton, C. W.Corporal, Company ?D? 1885Bay CityMI
CadetOsborn, Maurice RoyLawyerChicagoIL
CadetOsborn, William K.Corporal 1880; Lieutenant 1881CalumetMI
CadetOsgood, Harry E.Commissioned Color Sergeant 1890Grand RapidsMI
CadetOssa, Louis E. De LaSergeant, Company ?D? 1888PanamaU.S. of Columbia
CadetOtis, George A.Corporal 1883; Captain, Company ?B? 1885; Band (Drum Major) 1885; Real Estate in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetOtt, Irving WashingtonMilwaukeeWI
CadetOtt, Walter SteinmeyerMilwaukeeWI
CadetOverton, Albro L.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1887OshkoshWI
CadetOwenFootball 1905
CadetOwen, Harrison HowardSergeant, Company ?B? 1900; Class President 1902; gave President?s address at graduation ceremonies 1902Niagara FallsNY
CadetOwen, Paul DaleLeft Wing, Hockey 1905BuffaloNY
CadetOwen, Sidney MacCorporal, Company ?A? 1897; Imperial Hotel in 1905Niagara FallsNY
CadetPack, Willis ArthurPrivate 1907; Corporal 1907; 2nd Sergeant, Company ?A? 1908; Football 1906; Football (Right End) 1907; Marksmanship Medal 1907; Staples Bronze Medal prize for marksmanship 1908; Class Boulder Committee; Kappa Delta Pi 1908Orchard LakeMI
CadetPaddock, Charles A.Hyde ParkIL
CadetPallister, Luther CliffordBand (Drum Major) 1900DetroitMI
CadetPalmer, George RussellCompany ?C? 1892; Banjo Club (Guitar) 1892; Kodak Club 1892; Senior Class Secretary 1892; Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (?Old Minstrel? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?); Grayden, Palmer & Co. in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetPalmer, George W.MuskegonMI
CadetPalmer, Louis E.MarquetteMI
CadetPalmer, Roy Pitt GeorgeBand (Tuba) 1900CopemishMI
CadetPapst, Edwin T.1st Sergeant 1883LexingtonMI
CadetParke, Henry H.MuskegonMI
CadetParke, James H.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887DetroitMI
CadetParker, Charles Chandler?Crack? Company 1891; Counselor at Law in 1905Fort SmithAR
CadetParker, Charles WilsonHamiltonNY
CadetParker, Frank2nd Lieutenant, ?Crack? Company 1891; Bookkeeper, New York, NY in 1905PiquaOH
CadetParker, Gardner W.Marine CityMI
CadetParker, T. D.Dismissed May 11, 1883KalamazooMI
CadetParker, W. R.Marine CityMI
CadetParker, Walter RobertSergeant 1883; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901; Physician in 1905.Marine CityMI
CadetParker, William LewisPrivate, Company ?B? 1908CarlislePA
CadetParker, William M.Ann ArborMI
CadetParkhurst, George C.QuincyIL
CadetParkin, Harry DravoNew KensingtonPA
CadetParkin, Malcolm BruceNew KensingtonPA
CadetParnall, Christopher GreggCorporal, Company ?D? 1897CalumetMI
CadetParsell, Robert E.FlintMI
CadetParsons, Fayette FlemingBand (Flute and Piccolo) 1900ChicagoIL
CadetPaterson, Newell TolmanPrivate 1905; Private 1906; Sergeant 1907; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1908; Basketball (Manager, Captain and Guard) 1907; Football 1905; Football 1906; Football (Center) 1907; Basketball 1908; Baseball (Captain and Manager) 1908; Athletic Manager (Basketball), MMA Athletic Association 1908; Literary Society; Gift Orator; Pi Delta KoppaOrchard LakeMI
CadetPaterson, William ScottFlintMI
CadetPattengill, Victor RomaineRead class prophecy at graduation ceremonies 1905; Left Half, Football 1905; Rover, Hockey 1905; Short Stop, Baseball 1905LansingMI
CadetPatterson, Jefferson S.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1903DaytonOH
CadetPatton, Charles LamphierCorporal, Company ?A? 1897SpringfieldIL
CadetPatton, Richard DorseyCompany ?A? 1892; Freight Agent, Big Four R.R. in 1905AltonIL
CadetPaul, Alexander GunnSergeant, Company ?C? 1892; Senior Class Treasurer 1892; East Coast Lumber Co., Watertown, FL in 1905LacrosseWI
CadetPayne, James BarneyWacoTX
CadetPeabody, George P.Sault St. MarieMI
CadetPearce, Arthur D.Senior Class Orator 1908
CadetPearce, Harry AshRight Field, Baseball 1905; President of MMA Alumni Association; Orchestra (Flute) 1905; Band (Flute and Piccolo) 1905GreenvillePA
CadetPearsall, Frank BrillFootball 1905; Basketball 1906; Left Field, Baseball 1905; Baseball 1906GreenvillePA
CadetPearson, DanaNorthamptonMA
CadetPease, Charles G.DetroitMI
CadetPeavey, George WrightGrain Dealer in 1905MinneapolisMN
CadetPeck, Ernest J.Resigned April 4, 1881Port HuronMI
CadetPeck, George ArthurSergeant, Company ?B? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetPeck, George B.DetroitMI
CadetPeck, William AlbertSpringfieldMO
CadetPelouze, Frederick2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1887; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1888; Pelouze Scale & Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL in 1905WashingtonDC
CadetPelouze, Louis1st Sergeant 1880WashingtonDC
CadetPelouze, William NelsonSergeant Major 1881; First Vice President of MMA Alumni Association 1903WashingtonDC
CadetPendleton, Edward W.DruggistSturgisMI
CadetPenny (or Penoy), William R.Wholesale Furniture in 1905DetroitMI
CadetPenoyer, Frank CliffordCompany ?C? 1892; Senior Class Historian 1892; Lumber Business, T.R. Lawton & Co., Toledo, OH in 1905Au SableMI
CadetPerkins, Ernest AllanPrivate 1907; Sergeant Drum Major 1908; Baseball 1907; Football 1906; Football (Left Half) 1907; Baseball (Centerfield) 1907; Basketball (Guard) 1907; Band, Orchestra (Horn) 1908; Yearbook Staff (Athletic Editor) 1908; ?Adjutant? Board; Class Prophet; Secretary, MMA Athletic Association; Glee Club 1907; Dramatic Club; Athletic News, ?The Adjutant? 1907; Delta Alpha EpsilonCass CityMI
CadetPerkins, Ralph OrlandoBand 1908; Orchestra (Horn) 1908GreenvillePA
CadetPerrin, D. L.Corporal, Drum Corps 1883MarshallMI
CadetPerry, Harold RuthvenBand (1st Bb Clarionet) 1903; President of MMA Alumni AssociationGeorgetownNY
CadetPerry, Norman AdamsPrivate, Company ?A? 1908IndianapolisIN
CadetPeters, Erle CliffordWith Columbus Buggy Co.ColumbusOH
CadetPeters, George A.ColumbusOH
CadetPfeiffer, S. F.BuffaloNY
CadetPhillipsBasketball 1906
CadetPhillips, Clifton NicholsonAlleghanyPA
CadetPhillips, Moses K.BancroftMI
CadetPhillips, Preston E.Bay CityMI
CadetPhillips, Robert H.ChicagoIL
CadetPhillips, Winthrop B.BancroftMI
CadetPierce, Harry O.Sergeant 1881; Corporal 1883; Assistant Claim Agent, Missouri Railway Co., Sedalia, MO in 1905BuchananMI
CadetPierce, Matthew Griswold2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1900PeoriaIL
CadetPierson, Albert S.IndianapolisIN
CadetPike, Charles L.LapeerMI
CadetPlain, Miles W.SewickleyPA
CadetPolhemus, Adrian KennethFort CrookNE
CadetPoor, Forrest OhioRight Half, Football 1905; Orchestra (Drums) 1905; Band (Snare Drum) 1905EvanstonIL
CadetPoor, Jerome EugeneEvanstonIL
CadetPope, George F.Sergeant 1883HoughtonMI
CadetPope, John McdougallPrivate, Company ?B?WaukeganIL
CadetPorter, William NicholsLieutenant, Company ?B? 1905; Portrayed Mr. Golightly in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Editor in Chief, ?The Adjutant? 1905; Dramatic Club 1905; Graduate Student, MMA, US Naval Academy in 1905LimaOH
CadetPost, J.S.Non commissioned Drum Major 1892; Band (Drum Major) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Bones; ?Mr. Squintum? in the farce, ?The Black Statue?)ChicagoIL
CadetPostal, Charles LorenzoCorporal, Company ?A? 1908; Baseball (Shortshop) 1907DetroitMI
CadetPostal, Harold F.Editor in Chief, ?The Adjutant? 1907; Baseball (Captain and First Base) 1907DetroitMI
CadetPotter, Allen HenryBugler Corps 1897MendonMI
CadetPotter, Allen, Jr.Military Aid 1878KalamazooMI
CadetPotter, Arthur MorseCorporal, Company ?C? 1895; 2nd Lieutenant and Acting Adjutant 1897; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1897DenverCO
CadetPotter, HenryOrchard LakeMI
CadetPotter, Howard WatkinsSergeant 1881PainesvilleOH
CadetPotter, Mili EverellPrivate, Company ?A? 1908DundeMI
CadetPotter, William R.MinneapolisMN
CadetPowell, Frank EversonBand (2nd Tenor) 1895ColumbusOH
CadetPratt, Allen J.Band (2nd Violin) 1879ColdwaterMI
CadetPratt, Edward EssickDetroitMI
CadetPratt, G.N.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1892Iowa CityIA
CadetPurdy, Donald FargherPlayed clarionet solo at graduation ceremonies 1905; Orchestra (Clarionet) 1905; Band (1st Bb Clarionet) 1905Michigan CityMI
CadetPurdy, James, Jr.Corporal, Bugle and Drum Corps 1890MansfieldOH
CadetPurington?Crack? Company 1891
CadetQuick, Franklin Pierce1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1903LincolnNE
CadetQuinby Or Quimby, Charles L.Corporal, Company ?A? 1887Fort SullyDakota Territory
CadetRagan, John MartinCorporal, Company ?B? 1900HastingsMI
CadetRamsdell, F. G.Three RiversMI
CadetRamsdell, F. G.Three RiversMI
CadetRamsdell, F. G.Three RiversMI
CadetRamsdell, Robert J.ManisteeMI
CadetRamsdell, T. EllisManisteeMI
CadetRandall, H.B.EriePA
CadetRandolph, HermanLincolnIL
CadetRanney, Leroy WilsonLeft Half, Football 1905GreenvilleMI
CadetRansom, Willard GliddenBand (Baritone) 1895; With the Westinghouse Company, San Diego, CA in 1905OttawaKS
CadetRaquet, John LeonardSergeant, Company ?A? 1900SaginawMI
CadetRathbun, Harry A.Corporal, Company ?B? 1888HoraceKS
CadetRauh, BertrandCincinnatiOH
CadetRay, Benjamin FranklinGrand RapidsMI
CadetRay, James TollerRushvilleIL
CadetRay, William Wesley1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1895; With Truax, Greene & Co., Druggists in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetRaymer, James E.Band (2nd Bb Cornet) 1884; Baseball Team 1884ToledoOH
CadetRaymond, Alonzo HerbertDetroitMI
CadetRaymond, FrancisCorporal, Drum Corps 1883; Sergeant, Company ?B? 1885; Chicago, IL in 1905DetroitMI
CadetRaymond, George ClaytonDetroitMI
CadetRaymond, Herbert AlonzoCorporal, Company ?A? 1895DetroitMI
CadetReam, Norman PutnamSergeant, Company ?C? 1900; Trust Company, New York City in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetReed, Joseph M.Corporal, Company ?C? 1886; Chicago, IL in 1905WaupacaWI
CadetReeder, Russell PotterCaptain, Company ?C? 1890; Commissioned Captain and Adjutant 1892; Baseball (Offical Umpire) 1892; Football (Center) 1892; 1st Lieutenant U.S. Artillery Corps in 1905CincinnatiOH
CadetReeves, Charles C.Grand RapidsMI
CadetRemick, Royal CCompany ?C? 1892; Senior Class Marshal 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; Manufacturing Lumber in 1905HoustonTX
CadetRenwick, Thomas JamesLance Corporal, Company ?A? 1908KirklandIL
CadetReynolds, Joseph FlemingCorporal, Company ?D? 1897BooneIA
CadetRice, William PaulChicagoIL
CadetRice, William PriceChicagoIL
CadetRichards, Orville K.Corporal, Company ?D? 1890ChicagoIL
CadetRichardson, Charles P.PrincetonIL
CadetRichardson, Frank W.CharlotteMI
CadetRichmond, Charles E.Lieutenant 1880DetroitMI
CadetRichmond, Don WentworthBear LakeMI
CadetRidgely (or Ridgley), CharlesPrivate 1907; 2nd Sergeant, Company ?A? 1908; Tennis 1907; Secretary, Literary Society 1908; ?Adjutant? Board 1908; Yearbook Staff (Editor-in-Chief) 1908; Secretary, Senior Class 1908; Dramatic Club 1908; Literary Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1907; Kappa DeltaNew YorkNY
CadetRiebel, Frederick, Jr.INpolisIN
CadetRing, Clark L.SaginawMI
CadetRing, Thomas MerrillBand (1st Coronet) 1900SaginawMI
CadetRipley, Henry Ashley?Crack? Company 1891; 1st Lieutenant 26th U.S. Infantry in 1905SaginawMI
CadetRisser, Willis ClarkCompany ?C? 1892; With Merriam, Collins & Co. in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetRitter, Sylvester TheodoreDetroitMI
CadetRobb, RussellDetroitMI
CadetRoberts, GeorgeFlintMI
CadetRoberts, Ira SmithWith Smith, Thorndike & Brown, Wholesale Grocers, Milwaukee in 1905WaupunWI
CadetRoberts, William Joseph, Jr.ClevelandOH
CadetRobertson, Frank Alexander1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1905; Right Tackle, Football 1905; Tennis 1907Grand ForksND
CadetRobertson, Frank AlexanderGraduate Student, MMAGrand ForksND
CadetRobinson, Arthur EdwardColdwaterMI
CadetRobinson, Benjamin C.Corporal, Company ?A? 1888Grand RapidsMI
CadetRobinson, Brent ElverEast OrangeNJ
CadetRobinson, Edgar EvansDetroitMI
CadetRobinson, Frank SeymourCorporal, Company ?A? 1888; Captain, Company ?D? 1890; Assistant Engineer Helvetia Copper Co., Helvetia, AZ in 1905HelvetiaMI
CadetRobinson, Harry StuartPrivate 1906; Corporal 1907; 1st Lieutenant 1908; Band 1906; Orchestra 1906; Glee Club 1906; Band 1907; Orchestra 1907; Glee Club 1907; Band 1908; Orchestra (Violin) 1908; Glee Club 1908; Chi Sigma ChiGallipolisOH
CadetRobinson, J. H.NYNY
CadetRobison, Charles HenryMaywoodIL
CadetRock, Carl FrederickCommissioned Cadet Major, Aide 1890MilwaukeeWI
CadetRock, Charles FrederickColor Sergeant 1888; Commissioned Cadet Major, Tactical Officer 1890; Instructor, Tactics and Book-Keeping 1890; Assistant Manager Daisy Roller Mill Co. in 1905MilwaukeeWI
CadetRock, Frank DanielMilwaukeeWI
CadetRockwell, Alfred E.P.NorwichCT
CadetRockwell, Warren A.NorwichCT
CadetRodda, Charles H.Corporal, Company ?C? 1885; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1886ChicagoIL
CadetRodgers, Jinks S.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887; 1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1888SommervilleMI
CadetRoe, Edwin JohnDetroitMI
CadetRoe, Jesse W.DetroitMI
CadetRoe, Thadeus AlfredPontiacMI
CadetRoehm, Charles McdonaldStudent, Michigan College of MinesCalumetMI
CadetRogers, Edward SidneyYearbook Editor 1892; Non-commissioned Quartermaster Sergeant 1892; Tennis Association 1892; Counselor at Law, Chicago, IL in 1905CastlineME
CadetRogers, Floyd LucerneClintonMI
CadetRogers, Frederick PercivalLos Angeles, CA in 1905Orchard LakeMI
CadetRogers, Harry LovejoyCorporal 1880; Corporal 1881; Corporal 1883; Senior Class President (3 Day Exercises) 1884; Captain, Company ?A? 1885; Band (Eb Cornet) 1885; Commissioned Major, Quartermaster and Commissary 1890; Quartermaster and Commissary 1895; Quartermaster 1887-98 Major, Pay Department, USA, son of the academy?s founder, served as quartermaster general of the U.S. Army from 1918 to 1922.Orchard LakeMI
CadetRogers, James W.Phillipsburg, MT in 1905AppletonWI
CommandantRogers, Joseph Sumner
CadetRohrbaugh, Edwin HayCompany ?D? 1892; Banjo Club (Mandolin) 1892; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1895; Deceased as of 1905OttawaKS
CadetRoot, Erastus ClarkMonroeMI
CadetRoot, George KentFirst cadet to enter MMADetroitMI
CadetRoot, R.S.Band (Piccolo) 1892AltonIL
CadetRosa, Henry J.Hyde ParkIL
CadetRoth, George B.Secretary and Treasurer of MMA Alumni Association 1903; Student, University of Michigan in 1905Mount EastonOH
CadetRoth, Ray RemingtonFairfieldIA
CadetRothschild, AlfredCadet Color Sergeant 1895ChicagoIL
CadetRothschild, Morton OliverChicagoIL
CadetRowe. E.L.Company ?A? 1892DaytonOH
CadetRoyce, Frederick FranklinCorporal, Company ?C? 1895Oak ParkIL
CadetRoyse, SamuelTerre HauteIN
CadetRucker, Pemberton T.AspenCO
CadetRudy, Edwin KimererMillersburgOH
CadetRuhl, A.DetroitMI
CadetRunnion, William NelsonCorporal, Company ?A? 1892ChicagoIL
CadetRyan, Charles DillerBusiness Manager, ?The Adjutant? 1905; President, MMA Athletic Association 1905; 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1905; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant, Adjutant 1906SpringfieldIL
CadetRyan, Frank S.FremontOH
CadetRychen, Frederick ArthurCaptain, Company ?C? 1903; Died circa 1905; Deceased as of 1905BuffaloNY
CadetRyder, Frederick WilliamCommissioned 1st Lieutenant and Signal Officer 1903BostonMA
CadetSager, Lyndon BartlettPrivate 1907; Private, Company ?B? 1908; Kappa Delta PiThree RiversMI
CadetSalzenstein, Moses A.SpringfieldIL
CadetSamman, George PeterPrivate, Company ?A? 1908ClevelandOH
CadetSanborn, AlvahPort HuronMI
CadetSanborn, Ellworth B.Corporal, Company ?A? 1886; Captain, Company ?C? 1887; Captain, Company ?D? 1888; Deceased as of 1905HoustonTX
CadetSanborn, Frederick S.Resigned January 5, 1881Port HuronMI
CadetSanborn, Herbert WoodsSaginawMI
CadetSands, Gardner T.1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1888; President, Sands Lumber Co. in 1905PentwaterMI
CadetSands, Herbert F.PentwaterMI
CadetSanger, Emil A.Corporal, Company ?C? 1887MilwaukeeWI
CadetSansberry, Charles ThomasSergeant, Company ?B? 1892; Counselor at LawAndersonID
CadetSattely, RalphAtticaIN
CadetSauer, D. C.Band (2nd Eb Alto) 1884; Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1885; Band (1st Bb Cornet) 1885JacksonMI
CadetSaxton, Frank RaymondColor Sergeant 1897 Sergeant, Company ?D? 1897ClevelandOH
CadetSchall, George B.BataviaIL
CadetSchauss, WalterCorporal, Company ?D? 1905ToledoOH
CadetScheffer, Charles H.BuffaloNY
CadetScheffer, Eugene, W.BuffaloNY
CadetScheiman, Ernest EarlBand 1908; Orchestra (Trumpet) 1908Fort WayneIN
CadetSchermerhorn, Harry Van CampDetroitMI
CadetScheuer, ElmerPrivate 1906; Corporal 1907; 1st Lieutant and Adjutant 1908; Literary Society 1908; ?Adjutant? Board; Yearbook Staff (Associate Editor) 1908; Dramatic Club 1908; Senior Class Valedictorian 1908ClevelandOH
CadetSchloss, Jesse
CadetSchloss, Jesse W.Suspended March 22, 1883; Died in boating accident on Orchard Lake in April of 1884DetroitMI
CadetSchmick, Charles Eugene1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1897LeetoniaOH
CadetSchmidt, Frank HowardBand (Solo Coronet) 1900AppletonWI
CadetSchneider, Roy FredToledoOH
CadetSchrenk, G. W.ChicagoIL
CadetSchuette, Lewis WhitslarCommissioned Captain and Range Officer 1903; Student, University of Michigan in 1905SaginawMI
CadetSchust, Henry, Jr.Band (1st Alto) 1897SaginawMI
CadetSchutt, Albert Calvin3rd Base, Baseball 1905; Orchestra (Flute) 1905; Band (Alto Saxophone) 1905GreenvillePA
CadetSchwartz, Ralph DavidOrchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Band (3rd Horn) 1905; Graduate Student, MMA in 1905BloomsburgPA
CadetScott, Christopher C.Student, Harvard UniversityBurlingtonIA
CadetScott, Harry Van TyneLumber BusinessDavenportIA
CadetScott, Harvey DavisAnn ArborMI
CadetScott, Merritt B.Abstract and InsuranceWaupacaWI
CadetScott, Nathan D.DelphosOH
CadetScott, R. K., Jr.NapoleonOH
CadetScott, W. R.LeavenworthKS
CadetScott, W. W.PittsburghPA
CadetScovel, SylvesterContracting Engineer, Havana, Cuba in 1905Denny StationPA
CadetScoville, Charles TheodoreConstantineMI
CadetSeager, Harry Rogers1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1886; Assistant Professor of Political Economy, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA in 1905LansingMI
CadetSeager, Henry R.LansingMI
CadetSeager, James B.Corporal, Company ?B? 1885LansingMI
CadetSelby, Clarence HordenBand 1908; Orchestra (Drum, Bells, etc.) 1908MiddleportOH
CadetSenter, Herbert PikeBand Corporal (1st Alto) 1895ColumbusOH
CadetSenter, John A.Salt Lake CityUT
CadetSenter, Ralph TownsendCadet 2nd Lieutenant and Signal Officer 1895ColumbusOH
CadetSenter, William A.Drum Major 1888Eagle RiverMI
CadetSewell, William C.ChicagoIL
CadetSharpe, Amasa TrowbridgeCorporal, Company ?D? 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895OttawaKS
CadetShattuck, Algernon B.
CadetShattuck, Clarence B.Private, Company ?B?NewberryMI
CadetShelden, R. S.HoughtonMI
CadetSheppard, Willaim C.With Wrightman & Sheppard, Coal Operators, Oskaloosa, IA in 1905GeneseoIL
CadetSherman, Edward W.Lake GenevaWI
CadetSherman, Eugene W.1st ViolinOak ParkIL
GeneralSherman, William Tecumseh
CadetShlesinger, Milton Prince2nd Sergeant, Company ?B? 1908ClevelandOH
CadetShober, M.Company ?D? 1892GallipolisOH
CadetShort, Walter CoenFencing Master 1890; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, ?Crack? Company 1891; Captain 13th U.S. Cavalry in 1905MariettaOH
CadetShute, Herbert W.ChicagoIL
CadetShute, William B., Jr.ChicagoIL
CadetSibley, James WhitneyChicagoIL
CadetSidley, F.C.Company ?B? 1892; Baseball (Short Stop) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892ChicagoIL
CadetSidley, Kyrle A.Corporal, Company ?C? 1888ChicagoIL
CadetSieg, George LawrenceDavenportIA
CadetSill, R. Van R.DetroitMI
CadetSilverthorne, Frank HodgkinsBand Corporal (1st Tenor) 1895ChicagoIL
CadetSilverthorne, George MorrillBand (Drum Major) 1895ChicagoIL
CadetSimington, Harold BenjaminFlintMI
CadetSimmons, C. HarryCorporal, Company ?A? 1885; Captain, Company ?D? 1886; With Henry Simmons, Furniture in 1905JacksonMI
CadetSimpson, Charles S.BuffaloNY
CadetSimpson, Louis W.Corporal, Company ?C? 1890BuffaloNY
CadetSimpson, Peter Liston1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1897ChicagoIL
CadetSinclair, L.D.Band (Tenor) 1892; Banjo Club (Mandolin) 1892GalvestonTX
CadetSinclair, William StanleyMusician, Company ?D? 1892; Captain, Company ?C? 1895; 1st Lieutenant, 26th U.S. Cavalry in 1905GalvestonTX
CadetSisleyPrivate, Company ?A? 1908
CadetSisson, William H.Spring LakeMI
CadetSkinner, W. H.Band (1st Bb Cornet) 1884Grand RapidsMI
CadetSlauson, George W.Senior Class Orator (3-Day Exercises) 1884; Insurance, Roanoke, VA in 1905RacineWI
CadetSleeper, Lawrence EdwardElkhartIN
CadetSloan, George Brownson1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1892; Tennis Association 1892; Wholesale Poultry and Game in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetSlosson, Leonard ButlerCorporal, Company ?D? 1892; Counselor at Law, Ventura, CASabethKS
CadetSmall, CharlesResigned March 7, 1880BangorME
CadetSmith, Arthur C.ClintonIA
CadetSmith, B. J.SpringfieldIL
CadetSmith, Charles F.ChicagoIL
CadetSmith, E. J.RomeoMI
CadetSmith, Frederick L.Detroit, MI in 1905LansingMI
CadetSmith, George L.Resigned December 19, 1879DetroitMI
CadetSmith, H. B.Paint CreekWV
CadetSmith, Harry WesleyCorporal, Company ?B? 1897IndianapolisIN
CadetSmith, HiramFlintMI
CadetSmith, Leland SeymourSergeant, Company ?D? 1897ClevelandOH
CadetSmith, Marcus MillisMarionIN
CadetSmith, Maurice Clyde2nd Lieutenant 1908; Band 1908; Orchestra (Contra Bass) 1908; Board of Control, MMA Athletic Association 1908; Football (Center) 1906; Football (Captain-Elect and Full) 1907HavanaOH
CadetSmith, Morton Fitzpatrick (Fitz)2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1890; Captain 20th U.S. Infantry, West Point, NY in 1905DenverCO
CadetSmith, NormanPrivate, Company ?B?DuluthMN
CadetSmith, W.Company ?C? 1892DenverCO
CadetSmith, WallaceCorporal 1908; Band 1908; Orchestra (Violin) 1908HavanaOH
CadetSmith, Wilbert AustinClass Marshal 1906; General News Editor of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?SyracuseNY
CadetSmith, William B.Corporal, Company ?A? 1888ChicagoIL
CadetSnow, J.C.Company ?A? 1892; Baseball (3rd Base) 1892ChicagoIL
CadetSnyder, Ira B.LeavenworthKS
CadetSonnanstine, Joseph FrancisCorporal, Company ?A? 1908; Baseball (Catcher) 1907; Track 1907WadsworthOH
CadetSouthwick, C. A.Suspended May 11, 1883LouisvilleKY
CadetSpalding, Alfred Baker1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1892; Senior Class Speaker to Undergraduates 1892; Tennis Association 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; ?Crack? Company 1891; M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, New Yor, NY in 1905AtchisonKS
CadetSpangler, Charles E.CoshoctonOH
CadetSparks, Harold ArthurLance Corporal, Company ?B?; Track (Manager-Elect) 1907; Athletic Manager (Track), MMA Athletic Association 1908ToledoOH
CadetSparks, Leonard CraigCaptain, Company ?D? 1905; Commissioned Captain, Commander, Company ?D? 1906; Portrayed Captain Phobbs in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904; Military Editor, ?The Adjutant? 1905ValentineNE
CadetSpaulding, Edmund Holden, Jr.WestfieldIA
CadetSpicer, William H.DetroitMI
CadetSpileman, Edward E.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887; Sergeant, Company ?D? 1888TawasMI
CadetSpink, Alfred E.ChicagoIL
CadetSpinning, Charles FryeMemphisTN
CadetSprague, Emmett LamontDetroitMI
CadetSprague, Herbert E.Grand RapidsMI
CadetSprague, Ross EdwinLieutenant, Company ?A? 1905; Staff Artist, ?The Adjutant? 1905; Secretary, MMA Athletic Association 1905FlushingMI
SpeakerSprague, William C.Editor of "The American Boy""
CadetSpratt, Ernest N.AlpenaMI
CadetSpratt, Walter A.AlpenaMI
CadetSprengle, David SigneyAshlandOH
CadetSprigg, Charles Carroll2nd Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1897DaytonOH
CadetSquires, Edwin LutherConcordMI
CadetSquires, Raymond S.MuskegonMI
CadetStaerker, Julius ForbesMusician, Company ?D? 1892; Corporal, Company ?B? 1895; Deceased as of 1905CueroTX
CadetStanley, Edgar
CadetStanley, Edgar H.Died in boating accident on Orchard Lake in May of 1888
CadetStanley, William Stillman, Jr.MilwaukeeWI
CadetStanton, Kenneth B.Sergeant Major 1905ChicagoIL
CadetStanton, Marvin LeeDetroitMI
CadetStaples, Chester OtisPortrayed Joshua, the doctor?s assistant, in the play, ?The Doctor?s Assistant? on May 14, 1904CranbrookBritish Columbia
CadetStaples, Chevalier BayardCaptain, Company ?B? 1903; Michigan Mining School in Bayard, BC in 1905StillwaterMN
CadetStaples, Dudley E.C.Band (1st Bb Tenor) 1884; Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1885; Band (1st Bb Tenor) 1885; Guelph Cask Co.WhitehallMI
CadetStaples, Elmore Lowell1st Sergeant, Company ?B? 1905; Manager, Baseball 1905; Class Vice-President 1906; Athletic Editor of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?; Dramatic Club 1905CranbrookBritish Columbia
CadetStark, Lew Douglas1st Sergeant 1880CascadeMI
CadetStarr, John ThompsonAttended ca. 1878ColdwaterMI
CadetStarr, William ThompsonCorporal, Company ?C? 1897RichmondIN
CadetSteere, Lloyd RandallBand (1st Bb Cornet) 1897; Steere was born in Stanton, MI. Graduated from Harvard University in 1901, and from Harvard Law School in 1903. He practiced law in Chicago, was trust officer of the Central Trust Co., and vice president and chief executive officer of the Miami Corp. He served as Treasurer of the University of Chicago. He retired in 1947 after 20 years with the University. When he retired, he was made an honary member of the University Club of Chicago, an honor previously given to only four other persons.
He died at the age of 80 in his home in Dune AcresChestertonIN. Mr. Steere had been a town trustee and civic leader of Dune Acres for 35 yearsand had lived there since his retirment. (found in a newspaper article in the Lansing Archives with no mention of the paper's name),Stanton,MI
CadetSteers, John EdwardPortlandOR
CadetStege, George WashingtonLouisvilleKY
CadetStege, Samuel BrandiseLouisvilleKY
CadetSteinbaugh, Daniel A.Lobeta, CA in 1905EverettPA
CadetSteiner, JohnKentonOH
CadetSteinke, Frank JosephDuluthMN
CadetSteinmeyer, ErnstDied 1896-97MilwaukeeWI
CadetStephens, Ed. R.ChicagoIL
CadetStephenson, Isaac WatsonCaptain, Company ?C? 1897; With the Stephenson Manufacturing Co. in 1905MarinetteWI
CadetSterlinger, Gilbert PenfieldDetroitMI
CadetStern, Jacob RobertPrivate, Company ?B?CincinnatiOH
CadetStevens, CharlesSaginawMI
CadetStibolt, J.P.Band (Alto) 1892DavenportIA
CadetStienbaugh, Daniel A.Quartermaster 1880EverettPA
CadetStiles, Joseph HookerMonroeMI
CadetStillman, Arthur LeedsHobokenNJ
CadetStimson, RalphSergeant, Company ?B? 1897ThomasMI
CadetStirling, Robert BatemanBuffaloNY
CadetStoltz, Guy C.Student, Harvard UniversityMarionOH
CadetStonebraker, Orville MerlLincolnNE
CadetStorrs, Caryl B.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1886SaginawMI
CadetStorrs, Percy F.Corporal, Company ?A? 1887Grand RapidsMI
CadetStorz, AdolfOmahaNE
CadetStout, B.F.Company ?C? 1892IndianapolisIN
CadetStout, H.L.Company ?D? 1892Fort ScottKS
CadetStreet, Robert KennethChicagoIL
CadetStreit, E.CincinnatiOH
CadetStreit, H.CincinnatiOH
CadetStrelinger, Gilbert PenfieldFootball 1905; Track 1905; Class Secretary 1906; Business Manager of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?
CadetStroh, F.DetroitMI
CadetStrohm, Charles LeonOrchestra (Double Bass) 1905; Band (Solo Bb Clarionet) 1905FredericksburgPA
CadetStrong, FrankSouth RockwoodMI
TeacherStrong, Frederick
CadetStrong, Frederick Smith, Jr.Sergeant, Company ?B? 1903; President of MMA Alumni Association 1947; Son of the academy?s commandant and superintendent, served as chief engineer in the China-Burma-India theatre during World War II.Orchard LakeMI
CadetStrong, George Veazey1st Lieutenant, Adjutant and Assistant Instructor in Cavalry 1900; Served as an advisor to the 1944 Dumbarton Oaks Conference, which laid the groundwork for the United Nations.HelenaMT
CadetStrong, John Wareham, Jr.Resigned December 19, 1879DetroitMI
CadetStull, JohnRochesterNY
CadetStutson, NortonLancasterOH
CadetSurles, Alexander Day1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1905; Quarterback, Football 1905; Catcher, Baseball 1905; Captain and Right Wing, Hockey 1905; Captain, Baseball 1906; Basketball 1906; Captain 1906; Treasurer, MMA Athletic Association 1905; President, MMA Athletic Association 1906; Military Editor of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?MilwaukeeWI
CadetSurles, Clyde PascoeCorporal, Company ?C? 1905; 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1908; Staples Silver Medal prize for marksmanship 1908; Baseball (Left Field) 1907MilwaukeeWI
CadetSwatek, William MatthewsCorporal, Company ?D? 1895; Captain, Company ?A? 1897; With M.J. Swatek, Importer in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetSweeney, Guy RayBand (2nd Bb Clarinet) 1900
CadetSweet, Benjamin J.ChicagoIL
CadetSweet, C.C.?Crack? Company 1891Benton HarborMI
CadetSweet, Charles AddisonCorporal Bugler Corps 1897Belle PlaineIA
CadetSweet, Sidney RichmondBelle PlaineIA
CadetSweitzer, Nelson B.Corporal, Company ?A? 1885; 2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1886San AntonioTX
CadetSwift, Eldred BrownCorporal, Company ?C? 1897ChicagoIL
CadetSykes, Aubry L.President of MMA Alumni AssociationChicagoIL
CadetSykes, Horace FennellCorporal, Company ?C? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetTaber, William Parker2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1892NorwalkOH
CadetTaft, Harvey StoweRepublicMI
CadetTalley, Charles P.OntonagonMI
CadetTappen, John B.Corporal, Company ?A? 1887ChicagoIL
CadetTaylor, Frank CharlesChicagoIL
CadetTaylor, KingBand (2nd Alto) 1895Sioux CityIA
CadetTaylor, Roy IvanBand Sergeant (1st Bb Cornet) 1895; Band Leader (Solo Bb Cornet) 1897; 2nd Lieutenant, Artillery Corps, US Army in 1905ShepherdMI
CadetTaylor, William S.LudingtonMI
CadetTedrowe, Lindley DeanINpolisIN
CadetTeegarden, Watson A.Dishonorably discharged March 18, 1880SpringfieldOH
CadetTeezel, Clayton
CadetTemple, Robert McarthurCoshoctonOH
CadetTen Eyck, AlfredSaginawMI
CadetTen Eyck, C. DolbeerCorporal, Company ?D? 1886SaginawMI
CadetTerry, Charles Hollen2nd Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1900KansasKS
CadetThayer, Robert HenryStudent, Case Scientific SchoolHinsdaleIL
CadetThomas, Edward W.OmahaNE
CadetThomas, Eugene C.TroyOH
CadetThomas, Morton StanleyChicagoIL
CadetThomas, William ClarkChicagoIL
CadetThomason, HughHonor Man (1 term) 1895; Commandant 1903; Cavalry Instructor 1903; Orchard Lake, MI in 1905NashvilleTN
CadetThompson, C.W.MinneapolisMN
CadetThompson, Charles BenjaminIngersollOntario
CadetThompson, Douglas B.NYNY
CadetThompson, Edward W.BuffaloNY
CadetThompson, GaleChicagoIL
CadetThompson, Willard DawsonSergeant, Company ?C? 1888; Commissioned Captain, Quartermaster and Signal Officer 1890; Mining, in care of The University Club in 1905Salt Lake CityUT
CadetThompson, William F., Jr.Suspended March 15, 1881Howard CityMI
CadetThomson, Duncan MaclorenChicagoIL
CadetThroup, Eddie T.RacineWI
CadetTidholm, Charles1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1900; Oliver Chill Plow Co., South Bend, IN in 1905ChicagoIL
CadetTiernan, Austin K.2nd Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1890Salt Lake CityUT
CadetTiernan, J.R.Band (Tenor) 1892Salt Lake CityUT
CadetTiffany, Frederick AlexanderCorporal, Company ?B? 1890; Cashier, The Crane & Ordway Co. St. Paul, MN in 1905St. PaulMN
CadetTillotson, Norton B.Absent without leave since April 15, 1880OwossoMI
CadetTilton, Wilfred R.NorwalkOH
CadetTollerton, Hill Dwight1st Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1897; Business in 1905Sioux CityIA
CadetToms, James F.HaywoodWI
CadetTorrance, Graham M.MinneapolisMN
CadetTorrent, FredDetroitMI
CadetTousey, Morris RooseveltLieutenant, Company ?D? 1885; Band (Bb Baritone) 1885; Wholesale Lumber in 1905Bay CityMI
CadetTousey, Walter Cornelius1st Sergeant, Company ?D? 1888; Captain, Company ?A? 1890; Pallbearer at J. Sumner Rogers? funeral 1901; Second Vice-President of MMA Alumni Association 1903; Dist. Pass, Agent Pere Marquette R.R., in 1905Bay CityMI
CadetTowar, Charles GambleTusconAZ
CadetTower, Fred A.EdmoreMI
CadetTownsend, Henry LowellFootball 1905; Prize Contest in Declamation June 5, 1905 (2nd Prize: Perkins at the Dentist?s, from ?Bailey?); Band (Tuba) 1905; Class Treasurer 1906; Grinds Editor of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?PocahontasIA
CadetTrammell, Albert CulbertsonOxfordNE
CadetTrankla, Edward CarlGrand RapidsMI
CadetTreber, Albert PhilipDeadwoodSD
CadetTreber, John Alfred1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1897DeadwoodSD
CadetTreber, Willaim LawrenceCorporal, Company ?A? 1897DeadwoodSD
CadetTreglown, Glen S.BuffaloNY
CadetTreweek, William L.Salt Lake CityUT
CadetTrible, John M.Sergeant, Company ?D? 1903AmesIL
CadetTripodi, AntonioCorporal 1908; Band 1908; Orchestra (Violin) 1908MonticelloIN
CadetTrowbridge, Harry L.PontiacMI
CadetTrue, Charles DavisLeft Tackle, Football 1905; Team Captain, Football 1906; Captain, Basketball 1906
CadetTrue, Charles DavisPrivate 1906; 1st Sergeant 1907; 1st Lieutenant 1907; 1st Lieutenant and Quartermaster 1908; Football 1905; Track 1906; Track 1907; Basketball 1906; Basketball (Captain) 1908; Tennis 1907ChicagoIL
CadetTully, Bartlet ChristopherJunior Class President 1906; Captain, Company ?B? 1905; Commissioned Captain, Commander, Company ?B? 1906; Football 1905; Captain and Pitcher, Baseball 1905; Cover Point, Hockey 1905; Baseball 1906; Baseball (Pitcher) 1907; Class President 1906; Athletic Manager (Baseball), MMA Athletic Association 1907MemphisTN
CadetTully, Claude JosephCorporal, Company ?A? 1908MemphisTN
CadetTurck, Ray CusterCompany ?D? 1892; Senior Class Page 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892; Physician, Chicago, IL in 1905AlmaMI
CadetTurnbolt, Richard D.LincolnIL
CadetTurner, Arthur BlackmoreCompany ?B? 1892; New York, NY in 1905SaginawMI
CadetTyner, George Parker1st Lieutenant, 2nd U.S. CavalryChicagoIL
CadetUllman, L.J.Band (Cornet) 1892ClevelandOH
CadetUllrich, Charles ReubenCorporal, Company "B" 1908"Mount ClemensMI
CadetUpton, Edward FrankBattle CreekMI
CadetValentine, John1880ChicagoIL
CadetVan Antwerp, Frank Brown1878JacksonMI
CadetVan Camp, Cortland, Jr.Portrayed Doctor Diaculum in the play, "The Doctor?s Assistant" on May 141904"Indianapolis
CadetVan Camp, R.P.Company ?B? 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892IndianapolisIN
CadetVan Deventer, Fayette FlournovCompany "A" 1892; Baseball (Substitute) 1892; Football (Right Tackle) 1892. With Third National Bank in 1905."KnoxvilleTN
CadetVan Deventer, HoraceCounselor at Law, Knoxville, TN, in 1905.ClintonIA
CadetVan Schaack, Byford CorneliusPrivate, Company ?B?ChicagoIL
CadetVan Vleck, Louis Clyde, Jr.1895ToledoOH
CadetVan Zandt, Ossian C.Corporal, Company ?D? 1887ChicagoIL
CadetVan Zandt, Paul ClaiborneHonor Man (2 terms) 1895ChicagoIL
CadetVanderlip, W. B.(NOTE: involved in shooting incident at school in June of 1885).ElkHartIN
CadetVanSurdam, Henderson E.Student, Weselyan University in 1905.
CadetVantine, Ashley J.Corporal, Company "D" 1886. Counselor at Law in 1905."PortlandOR
CadetVarlan, Bertram Stelson1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1890; 1st Lieutenant, ?Crack? Company 1891; Counselor at Law in 1905WeiserID
CadetVarlan, Miles G.Company ?C? 1892; Senior Class Poet 1892Salt Lake CityUT
CadetVaughan, Andrew F.1890, ?Crack? Company 1891RichmondIN
CadetVaughan, W.C.1892RichmondIN
CadetVelie, Stephen H., Jr.1880MolimIL
CadetVerweire, Wade J.1908Fort WayneIN
CadetVick, J.1892RochesterNY
CadetVincent, James T.Absent 1879-1880; 1st Sergeant 1881; Member of Executive Committee of MMA Alumni Association 1903
CadetVogel, James EmingerLance Corporal, Company ?B?; Orchestra (Violin) 1908ToledoOH
CadetVoigt, William Frederick1890DetroitMI
CadetWadsworth, Robert Harris1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1895IL
CadetWagar, E. E.1883, 1885StantonMI
CadetWagar, Frederick LeonAbsent 1879-1880; Corporal 1883; Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1884. Wagar Lumber Co., Wagar AL in 1905MuirMI
CadetWagner, Alfred E.1890WI
CadetWagner, Fred C.1890OH
CadetWait, J. Paul1902; President of MMA Alumni AssociationSturgisMI
CadetWaite, Charles C.Corporal, Company ?A? 1885; Commissioned 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1886; with Fay Fruit Co. in 1905RiversideCA
CadetWaldo, John Roby1st Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1903DetroitMI
CadetWaldron, Howard1879, 1880MI
CadetWalker, Franklin JuddLance Corporal, Company ?A? 1908IL
CadetWalker, George Ernest1905PA
CadetWalker, Howard James1905NY
CadetWallace, D.R.Musician, Company ?A? 1892HelenaMT
CadetWallace, Mac CloyesHoopestonIL
CadetWalser, Daniel CharlesOrchestra (2nd Violin) 1905Orchard LakeMI
CadetWalsh, HenryBand (Alto) 1892; Football (Substitute) 1892ChicagoIL
CadetWalton, Edwin A.1888ClevelandOH
CadetWanner, Harrie1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1900HammondIN
CadetWard, Alvah JohnAttended ca. 1878YpsilantiMI
CadetWard, Charles OgdenBand (Cornet) 1892; Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892 (Cornet Solo); Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1897AlmaMI
CadetWard, Frederick Lewis1894, 1895Bay CityMI
CadetWarner, Albert H.Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1886SaginawMI
CadetWarren, Frederick ParsonsPrivate 1907; 1st Sergeant 1908; Color Sergeant 1908; Football (Substitute Left Half) 1907; Pi Delta KoppaThree OaksMI
CadetWarren, Stuart B.Dismissed November 29, 1880Bay CityMI
CadetWaterman, William Whitney1st Lieutenant, Company "A" 1892; Baseball (Captain/Center Field) 1892; Football (Left End) 1892; "Crack" Company 1891. New YorkNY in 1905."Detroit
CadetWaters, Horace J.1888Grand RapidsMI
CadetWaters, Louis M.1883Bay CityMI
CadetWaterworth, Thomas E.Commissioned Quartermaster Sergeant 1887Ft. GratiotMI
CadetWatkins, William HenryHopkins StationMI
CadetWatson, Charles H.Corporal, Company ?A? 1895SalineMI
CadetWeatherwax, Clyde B.StantonMI
CadetWeatherwax, Jay A.Band (1st Eb Alto) 1884; Baseball Team 1884; Lieutenant, Company ?D? 1885; Band (Solo Alto) 1885; 1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1886; Lumber Business in 1905AberdeenWA
CadetWebb, Frank ReedCorporal, Company ?B? 1895; Editor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895MassilonOH
CadetWebb, Robert JudsonOrchestra (Trombone) 1905; Band (2nd Trombone) 1905ValentineNE
CadetWebber, George WashingtonDismissed November 24, 1880IoniaMI
CadetWebber, Herbert Bion1878IoniaMI
CadetWebber, Murdo Just1895LyonsMI
CadetWebber, Otto L. E. H.1880, 1881DetroitMI
CadetWeber, Frederick James1895MilwaukeeWI
CadetWeber, James Horace1900SpringfieldIL
CadetWebster, C.W.1892OcontoWI
CadetWeed, Robert MurrayCorporal, Company ?A? 1887; Sergeant, Company ?A? 1888; Counselor at Law in Los Angeles, CA in 1905LeavenworthKS
CadetWeeks, Charles S.Corporal, Company ?C? 1888WhitewaterWI
CadetWeeks, Francis D.1st Lieutenant 1879RochesterNY
CadetWeidmanBand (2nd Eb Alto) 1886
CadetWelker, George ErnestOrchestra (1st Violin) 1905; Band (Bass Drum) 1905; Staples 3rd prize for marksmanship 1905Oil CityPA
CadetWeller, Frank1881DetroitMI
CadetWelles, Paul1900Paris
CadetWelling, D.G.Company ?B? 1892; Banjo Club (Banjo) 1892; MMA Minstrels Performance at Pontiac Opera House May 7, 1892EvanstonIL
CadetWentworth, T. E.2nd Lieutenant and Ordnance Officer 1888
CadetWest, Hume H.1895DetroitMI
CadetWestheimer,Joseph Julius1897ChicagoIL
CadetWeston, Herbert Towle2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1895; Mining in Houghton, MI in 1905BeatriceNE
CadetWetmore, H.R.Company ?A? 1892JacksonMI
CadetWetmore, John Olden1878DetroitMI
CadetWever, Joseph C.1887LeavenworthKS
CadetWheaton, Walcott1890MinneapolisMN
CadetWheeler, Amzi LewisCadet 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant 1895; Honor Man (2 terms) 1895. Holland Car Co., Indianapolis, IN, in 1905.ChicagoIL
CadetWheeler, Charles Melvin1900MarquetteMI
CadetWheeler, Charles P.Captain 1883; Senior Class President 1884; Chairman, Senior Class Executive Committee 1884. Member of State Legislature in 1905.Three RiversMI
CadetWheeler, Clarence Lloyd Or C.C.Band (Baritone) 1892; Banjo Club (Mandolin) 1892ToledoOH
SuperintendentWheeler, General Harris A.
CadetWheeler, H.B.Company ?B? 1892NeenahWI
CadetWheeler, Malcolm LockeExchange and Alumni Editor, "The Adjutant" 1905."ChicagoIL
CadetWhitaker, Orlo Cahill1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1895DavenportIA
CadetWhitcombe, Elias Keyes1895ChicagoIL
CadetWhite, Ansley Deforest, Jr.1905BuffaloNY
CadetWhite, John B.1903SpokaneWA
CadetWhite, O. C.1st Sergeant, Company ?A? 1885; Band (Bass Drum) 1885LenaIL
CadetWhite, Paul W.1902CarmiIL
CadetWhitehead, Jesse2nd Lieutenant, Company ?B? 1903ChicagoIL
CadetWhitehead, Raymond1890LansingMI
ComposerWhitemore, J. Henry
CadetWhitham, Glenn Howard1900RankinIL
CadetWhithington, Phillip H.1st Lieutenant, Company ?A? 1890JacksonMI
CadetWhiting, Edwin Walker1895ChicagoIL
CadetWhittemore, Wright NelsonSergeant, Company ?D? 1905; Left End, Football 1905DetroitMI
CadetWiant, Roy ElsonDelivered class oration at graduation ceremonies 1905; Editor-in-Chief of the March 1906 edition of ?The Adjutant?MarionOH
CadetWicker, Charles G., Jr.1886, 1887ChicagoIL
CadetWidoe, FrankExpelled 1885Grand RapidsMI
CadetWilbur, J.W.Corporal, Company ?A? 1892KalamazooMI
CadetWiley, Charles D.LansingMI
CadetWiley, Henry G.1st Sergeant 1883; Williams Transportation Co.in 1905South HavenMI
CadetWilkes, Harold TheodorePrivate, Company ?A? 1908IndianapolisIN
CadetWilkinson, Thomas L.Consulting Mechanical Engineer in Denver Colorado in 1905DavenportIA
CadetWillard, J. MiltonResigned October 24, 1879MayvilleNY
CadetWillcox, Charles Mcallister1888, 1889; With Daniels & Fisher in 1905DenverCO
CadetWilliams, Albert Chadwick1895; Corporal, Company ?B? 1897ChicagoIL
CadetWilliams, Paul ThorpCorporal, Company ?D? 1900HoopestonIL
CadetWilliams, Roger1881L?AnseMI
CadetWilliams, Silas AdamsLeft Guard, Football 1905; Band (Drum Major) 1905LimaOH
CadetWilliams, Theodore1881L?AnseMI
CadetWilliams, W. W.1883Bay CityMI
CadetWilliams, WoodFootball 1905; Point, Hockey 1905SpringfieldMA
CadetWilsey, William J.Absent without leave since April 13, 1880PontiacMI
CadetWilson, H.C.Company ?B? 1892SaginawMI
CadetWilson, Hobart AugustinCorporal, Company ?B? 1908DenverCO
CadetWilson, Ralph J.1903EvanstonIL
CadetWinans, Edwin BaruchBand (Triangle) 1884; Sergeant, Company ?A? 1885; Captain, Company ?C? 1886; Captain, Company ?A? 1887; Professor, Military Science and Tactics 1897 to 98. Son of Michigan Governor Edwin Winans, commanded a brigade in France in World War I and was superintendent of West Point from 1927 to 1928.HamburgMI
CadetWindsor, James RaymondSergeant, Company ?A? 1895Des MoinesIA
CadetWing, Jefferson L.1880MonroeMI
CadetWisney, George Martin1878SaginawMI
CadetWithey, Francis H. (Or Whithey)Student, University of Michigan in 1905Reed CityMI
CadetWithington, Philip HerberyCorporal, Company ?B? 1887; Quartermaster-Sergeant 1888; Treas. of the Withington & Cooley Manufacturing Co. in 1905JacksonMI
CadetWithington, Robert F.Corporal 1883SpringwaterNY
CadetWithnell, Frank R.1887OmahaNE
CadetWohlgemuth, Albert JosephSergeant, Company ?B? 1905; Portrayed Mrs. Captain Phobbs in the play, ?Lend Me Five Shillings? on May 14, 1904CincinnatiOH
CadetWood, Arthur Grant1st Sergeant, Company ?C? 1903; President of MMA Alumni AssociationSalineMI
CadetWood, Thomas JohnDaytonOH
CadetWood, Warren D.1903Los AngelesCF
CadetWoodard, S. M.Corporal, Company ?C? 1885St. LouisMO
CadetWoodman, Lucius H.1888Paw PawMI
CadetWoodrow, William Miner1st Lieutenant, Company ?C? 1892; Senior Class Orator 1892; Yearbook Editor 1892; Tennis Association 1892; Manager, Chillicothe Ice Co. in 1905ChillicotheOH
CadetWoodruff, William S.Band (Principal Musician, Solo Coronet) 1900; Lieutenant, Porto Rico Regiment in 1905HowellMI
CadetWoodward, Charles E.1883PlymouthIN
CadetWoodward, George D.1880, 1881St. LouisMO
CadetWoodward, Warren Crooke1905EvanstonIL
CadetWorden, Alva J.Lieutenant 1880YpsilantiMI
CadetWormser, Milton David1895ChicagoIL
CadetWorrell, Rufus Isaac1905DaytonOH
CadetWright, E. M.1883BremenIN
CadetWright, Ernest F.Entered academy on September 18, 1879; Died October 23, 1879SaginawMI
CadetWright, Harry EmeryBand (Baritone) 1900ChicagoIL
CadetWright, Harry T.1888ClevelandOH
CadetWright, Herbert DonaldPrivate, Company ?A? 1908SanduskyOH
CadetWright, Judson MosesSergeant, Company ?D? 1895DanvilleIL
CadetWright, Percy Sterns?Crack? Company 1891; Physician in 1905GenevaOH
CadetWright, Thomas KemloCorporal, Company ?B? 1897DetroitMI
CadetWright, Waldemar R.1885, 1886St. LouisMO
CadetWright, Walter GeorgeCorporal, Company ?D? 1895ChicagoIL
CadetWright, Wilfred LasellesCorporal, Company ?A? 1895; Honor Man (1 term) 1895Sioux CityIA
CadetWright, William La SellesSioux CityIA
CadetWuichet, Philip EugeneGraduate Student, MMADaytonOH
CadetWulfekuhler, Frederick O.LeavenowrthKS
CadetWyatt, Benjamin FlemingRight Guard, Football 1905Stevens PointWI
CadetWyeth, F.B.Company ?B? 1892St. LouisMO
CadetWylie, W. B.1885SaginawMI
CadetYaryan, Edward BrownBand (Snare Drum) 1897ToledoOH
CadetYates, A. W.Band (Solo Bb Cornet) 1885MilwaukeeWI
CadetYawkey, Cyrus CarpenterCorporal 1880; Lieutenant 1881SaginawMI
CadetYawkey, John C.Quartermaster 1880; Resigned March 24, 1881SaginawMI
CadetYawkey, William HooverSergeant, Company ?D? 1892; Lumber Business in 1905DetroitMI
CadetYemens, C. C., Jr.1885DetroitMI
CadetYoakum, Robert BartlettBuilding ContractorLeavenworthKS
CadetYoung, A. J.1883EvanstonIL
CadetYoung, HaroldEditor, ?The Adjutant? Dec. 1895Des MoinesIA
CadetYoung, Henry M.Counselor at Law, in Chicago, IL in 1905ClintonIA
CadetYoung, William L.1882, 1883KentonOH
CadetZorn, Frederick August1895GibsonburgOH