The Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, so every membership gift and donation is fully tax deductible within the limits prescribed by law. You will receive a receipt for tax purpose for each donation. You contribution will help us continue our mission of enriching our communities by collecting, preserving, and sharing history.

Monetary Donations

These types of donations help fund our mission buy allowing us to purchase supplies and pay our bills. Event the smallest contribution makes a difference.

  • You can make a monetary donation via cash or check in-person at the Orchard Lake Museum or by mailing your contribution to: 3951 Orchard Lake Road, Orchard Lake, MI 48323
  • You can also make monetary donation online or make a donation in honor of someone who loves local history by clicking here.
  • We are here to assist with your planned giving, as well. A bequest can help assure the longevity of GWBHS and aid in our ability to achieve our mission for the long-term. If you are interested in making GWBHS a part of your estate contact us directly at (248) 757-2451 or, and we will respond to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, click here to view our “Donations & Planned Giving Brochure.”
  • Kroger Community Rewards makes supporting us easy when all you have to do is shop at Kroger and swipe your Plus Card! Click here to select Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society as the organization you want to support.

Donor Recognition

Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society publicly recognizes these generous donors with appreciation.
SILVER $250- $499Anonymous, 2010-2019
Betty Bradbury memorial, 2016
Gwynne and Jim Cherfoli, 2021
Jackie & Bill Beach, 2022, 2023
buggs Beddow birthday, 2023
GOLD $500-$999Diane Eanes, 2023
PLATINUM $1,000- $9,999John Benson Kazanowski memorial, 2019
Christian Sonneville birthday, 2023
Carbonari Family Foundation, 2023
DIAMOND $10,000 and higherFrances Gadd Legacy Leader, 2012

In-kind Donations

These kind of donations include materials and volunteer time (learn more about donating your time here). Most material in-kind donations are purchases we will have to make for one reason or another and if we don’t have to make these purchases, then we can spend money on other priorities such as programming and exhibit spaces! Contact us at (248) 757-2451 or to find out what materials we need!

Collection Donations

Do you own something related to area history that you would like to donate to our collection? Bring it to an Open House or contact us at (248) 757-2451 or! You can start the process at home by downloading and filling out our “Donation Form.”

Below is an overview of the process of donating an object to GWBHS:

  1. Once you bring in an object (such as photo, book, or archival piece) to GWBHS, our team reviews the item to make sure it is appropriate to add to our collection. Appropriate items are ones that we have the adequate space to store and is related to the history of West Bloomfield, the City of Orchard Lake Village, Keego Harbor, or Sylvan Lake.
  2.  Next you will fill out a “Donation Form” with your contact information and information about the item you are donating. This is a signed document that legally allows GWBHS to take your item and use it for our organization’s purposes.
  3. Our collections team will then accession the item.  The accessioning process involves assigning a number to the item, carefully recording the item information in a ledger, and then recording the item information in our museum computer software, Past Perfect. Once the item is accessioned, we will find a permanent spot to keep it in storage until we use it for an exhibit or research.