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PastPerfect Online

You can view some of our collection objects and documents from the comfort of your home!
Click here to search over a thousand objects from our digital library. You can also search the specific archive lists below. We add more of our collection each month to our online digital archive, so you should check it frequently.

While we are continually working to update and improve the collection search interface, much of our collection has not yet been digitized. If you wish to access our collection at the Orchard Lake Museum, feel free to set up an appointment by contacting us at (248) 757-2451 or

In 2024, GWBHS will begin the Archive Alignment Database Project, which will realign all archive database records, using professional standards, to include Orchard Lake Museum exhibit topics. This will help update information to enhance searchability. This project is possible thanks to a $5,175 grant from the Michigan Arts and Culture Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Research Services Available

Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society welcomes access to our collection files for teaching, research, analysis, publication, exhibition, and artistic endeavors. In order to better serve your research needs, please be as detailed as possible when describing your request.

To submit a research request, please fill out our “Research Request Form” and email it to or mail it to the Orchard Lake Museum (3951 Orchard Lake Rd., Orchard Lake, MI 48323).

You can also fill out our “Research Request Google Form” online.

Research Policy

Decisions about access to the collection are guided by the mission of Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society and our Research Policy. Researcher privileges are granted to all visitors, subject to the following guidelines.


  1. Fill out our “Research Request Form” and email it to or mail it to the Orchard Lake Museum (3951 Orchard Lake Rd., Orchard Lake, MI 48323). You can also fill out our “Research Request Google Form” online.
  2. You will be contacted when your initial Research Request Form has been processed. It may take up to 7 days for your request to be processed. At this time, GWBHS may collect additional information to complete your request, charge a Research Fee, or set up an appointment for you to view requested research materials.
  3. Appointments are strongly encouraged to be scheduled during an Open House of the Orchard Lake Museum, which take place on the 1st2nd/4th/5th Sundays & 3rd Fridays 1:00 M to 4:00 PM.

Care and Preservation:

  1.  No food, beverages, or chewing gum permitted during Research Appointments.
  2. Use only pencils during Research Appointments. No pens or markers will be permitted.
  3. For both the safety of the object and the researcher, you may be asked to wear gloves when handling objects. All materials must be kept on the surface of the table.

Reproduction and Use:

  1.  Reproduction of archival items will be made in accordance with the Copyright Law. Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society reserves the right to refuse to copy materials that may be damaged in the process.
  2. Items copied or photographed are to be used for private study or scholarship.
  3.  Use of provided GWBHS photos and scans must include credit wording “Photo courtesy of Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society”.

Research Fees:
Greater West Bloomfield Reserves the right to charge the following Research Fees as applicable. These fees support the care and maintenance of our collection. Checks and cash are accepted on site. Card payments are made through PayPal.

Consultation FeesProject design, scope, and focus @ $30.00 per hour
Copy FeesPrinted Copy (black and white) @ $0.25 per page
Printed Copy (color) @ $1.00 per page
Digital Copy (300-1200 dpi) @ $25.00 per image/scan
Appointment FeesAppointment during open hours @ $20.00 per hour
First hour during closed hours @ $30.00 per hour
Additional hours during closed hours @ $50.00 per hour