Sylvan Lake Inn

Object ID: 2005-001-001

Date: 1893


This new and elegant hotel, which has just been erected, will be open to the public about July 15th. Parties desiring rates and information can write the Sylvan Lake Inn Co., 416 Hammond Building. In order to protect the interests of all purchasers and to prevent the existence of anything injurious to the property or disagreeable to residents, restrictions, which will securely guard against the presence of all objectionable features, will be placed upon all lots sold. A franchise has been granted and an electric road will be built shortly connecting beautiful Sylvan Lake with the City of Pontiac. While Sylvan Lake is destined to become one of the most pleasant watering places in the west, its location will also make it a beautiful and popular suburb of Detroit. At an expense of only twenty cents, and within less than one hour, you can pass from the heat of the City to the shaded shores and cool waters of the Lake. 1893 advertisement for the Sylvan Lake Inn