Keego Harbor trailer park

Object ID: 2007-004-001

Date: 1945


Postcard back – German: Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag von Onkel Carl, Tante Grete, Thorwald, Egon, Frieder, Karl Eugen, Donald Tante Olly, Onkel Hans. Viele Grüße an alle English: Happy Birthday to you from Uncle Carl, Aunt Grete, Thorwald, Egon, Frieder, Karl Eugen, Donald, Aunt Olly, Uncle Hans. Best wishes to all. The address is: Horst Wiese, Garstedt bei Hamburg, Schillerstrasse 19, Germany, Britische Zone (British Sector)

Governor Williams Keego Hardware

Object ID: 2007-001-011

Date: 9/29/1956

People: Williams, Gerhard Mennen Loveland, John


Governor Soapy Williams touring Keego Harbor and meets the owner of Keego Hardware. This photo was found at Keego Hardware by Bill Bertakis. The frame is glued and could not be separated for scanning.

Memorial Day Parade – 2003

Object ID: 2003-011-001

Date: 2003

People: Bonneville, Doris Bonneville, Gerald


Keego Harbor/Sylvan Lake Memorial Day Parade – 2003. Doris and Gerald Bonneville in antique car with Ron & Judy Bell