Walnut Glen Fruit Farms.

Object ID: 2002-001-881

Date: 1940

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Walnut Glen Fruit Farms. 4670 Middlebelt Rd. (Middlebelt at the corner of Lone Pine, southwest corner). Farm owned by T.T. Boberts managed by Russell Mason. Bean Fruit sprayer parked by water supply tank at the side of the appleshed. The supply tank, with its large volume filler hose, was necessary to save time in filling the 300 gallon bean. The farm pump was kept running to fill the supply tank while the men were out spraying. The team of bay horses, Prince and Bob, in the barnyard, are most likely hitched to the manure spreader. This was one of the first springtime chores. Sign on shed, which was a bag tacked over it since apples aren’t in season, had proclaimed Apples to be 25 cents and up. Fence was built in 1939 by Walter Mason, Jr. Note that Middlebelt Rd. was not paved… about 1940.