D.U.R. Auto Stop Inn – Car 7135 – (Cave Postcard)

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D.U.R. Auto Stop Inn – Car 7135 – (Cave Postcard). Includes Ice Cream Parlor restaurant, Cigarettes, Cigars, and Tobaccos, Cracker Jacks and Soft Drinks. The following excerpt describes an earlier time at this location along Seminary Road before the DUR. James [Strong] originally was a fruit farmer and later ran a livery stable on Seminary Road near the old Military Academy [MMA]. Most of his business was taking the families of cadets back and forth to the train at Pontiac. Dress parades and drills also attracted sightseers from Pontiac and no doubt contributed to business. Frances ran a small confectionary store with the cadets buying her homemade pies, cookies and other sweets. She may also have been postmistress for a time. Treacy Memoirs