Roosevelt School Statement

The Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society encourages the West Bloomfield School Board to re-think the future of the now-closed Roosevelt School building, located at 2065 Cass Lake Road in the City of Keego Harbor.

We feel that re-purposing historical buildings adds value to the community. The school, built in 1920 and closed in 2022, still has much potential for use.

The Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society encourages the Board to reject the stakeholder strategic committee’s recommendation to demolish Roosevelt. Instead, breathe new life into the building by sale to a prospective commercial developer or residential venture. Perhaps property sale considerations could be directed to only include a combination of options such as residential, retail, senior daycare facility, office, or cultural center.

Roosevelt is a good example of how a historically significant site could be renovated, maintaining its original character, while being used for modern purposes. We think Roosevelt School is deserving of an owner who will restore or preserve the building, bringing families and tax revenue into the community. This would be a win-win for the school district, the City of Keego Harbor, and the public.

Statement approved by the Greater West Bloomfield Historical Society Board of Directors on September 6, 2023.