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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1987-001-004 Sign, Trade Wilkins' Corner restaurant sign      
2002-001-001 Print, Photographic Apple Branch Guests      
2002-001-080 Print, Photographic Morris Lake- Nature Park      
2002-001-095 Print, Photographic Tucker House      
2002-001-125 Print, Photographic Pine Rose      
2002-001-126 Print, Photographic Pine Lake Manor Outlot      
2002-001-185 Print, Photographic Keego Harbor downtown - 1920's     1920
2002-001-268 Print, Photographic Minnow Pond Marker      
2002-001-288 Print, Photographic Royal Pointe sign      
2002-001-289 Print, Photographic West Bloomfield Nature Preserv      
2002-001-336 Print, Photographic Jewish Community Campus      
2002-001-337 Print, Photographic Harbor Hills Association      
2002-001-449 print, photographic Marshbank Metro Park - East of Hiller and North of Commerce Rds. Operated      
2002-001-456 print, photographic Looking East on Commerce Road at Township Limits.      
2002-001-486 print, photographic Orchard Avenue and Keego Road (1923)     1923
2002-001-524 print, photographic Mr. Dandison and Scotch School Kindergarten - 1st Graders (1944-1945)      
2002-001-564 print, photographic Grand Trunk Station - Orchard Lake      
2002-001-672 print, photographic Jeanette De Conick's Real Estate Sign.      
2002-001-698 print, photographic Pamela Eldred, Miss America, Homecoming Parade (October 25, 1969).      
2002-001-709 print, photographic Homecoming Parade      
2002-001-740 print, photographic Emmendorfer Marker (1996)      
2002-001-995 print, photographic Marjorie Ward Strong Woodland Sanctuary Sign      
2002-002-136 print, photographic Dean Thompson, son of Ellie, grandson of Fred and Bertha Wilkins      
2002-002-143 print, photographic Keego Cinema      
2002-002-146 print, photographic Keego Cinema      
2002-002-157 print, photographic Shorty Hook's Boat Livery on Pine Lake. Located on Orchard Lake Road (Augu      
2002-002-158 print, photographic DeConicks (Joe) S.W. Corner Maple and Orchard Lake Road.      
2002-002-172 print, photographic Tucker's Barbecue located on Orchard Lake, Keego Harbor, Michigan (About 19      
2002-002-197 print, photographic Scotty's Boat Livery      
2002-002-224 Lamppost        
2003-001-012 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake Traffic      
2003-002-009 Photograph, Cabinet White City Bathing Beach      
2003-002-016 Postcard Ferries to Interlaken Hotel      
2003-004-019 Sign Charley's Crab Entrance      
2003-005-014 print, photographic General Market      
2003-005-025 print, photographic Sylvan Lake city sign.      
2003-005-033 print, photographic Sylvan Lake City sign.      
2003-005-064 print, photographic John Martin with the mail truck.      
2003-007-006 Postcard Keego Harbor downtown - Orchard Lake Road showing Keego Hardware      
2003-007-009 Postcard Keego Sales-Service      
2003-008-003 Photograph, Cabinet Keego Cinema sign removal     11/1998
2003-008-004 Photograph, Cabinet Cornerstone for Keego Harbor new station     1996
2003-008-011 Photograph, Cabinet Keego Cinema sign hit      
2003-008-013 Photograph, Cabinet Keego Harbor post office fire      
2005-002-002 Print, Photographic Dale Morrilll Boys in Service     1950
2006-001-001 Sign        
2007-003-001 Print, Photographic Our Boys in Service      

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