Walled Lake Sorted by Id#
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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
2002-001-144 Print, Photographic Bunch Of Kids - Walled Lake     1903
2002-001-527 print, photographic Walled Lake School Bus (Fall of 1964)      
2002-001-654 print, photographic High School, Walled Lake, Michigan.      
2003-001-013 Print, Photographic Traffic on the Corner of Orchard      
2003-001-030 Print, Photographic Walled Lake      
2003-001-040 Print, Photographic Cenhova Shores Pavilion      
2007-002-003 Print, Photographic Walled Lake amusment park      
2007-002-004 Print, Photographic Walled Lake Amusement Park      
2007-002-005 Print, Photographic Walled Lake casino & bath house      
2007-002-006 Print, Photographic Downtown Walled Lake 1910     1910

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