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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1980-001-006 Print, Photographic Boat Livery     1918
1980-001-015 Print, Photographic Bob Mitchell's Boat Livery     1907
1980-001-096 print, photographic Miner Griggs' sailboat, "Jessie" on Orchard Lake     1903
1980-001-097 print, photographic John Hamlin at boat livery on Orchard Lake (1918).     1918
1980-001-106 print, photographic Willis Ward's Electric Boat Launch and Sailboat "Tantalizer" (1895).     1895
2002-001-064 Print, Photographic First Orchard Lake Police Boat      
2002-001-120 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake Hotel      
2002-001-121 Print, Photographic First Sailboat - Orchard Lake      
2002-001-144 Print, Photographic Bunch Of Kids - Walled Lake     1903
2002-001-645 print, photographic Howard Bloomer and Ice Boat - Orchard Lake.      
2002-002-157 print, photographic Shorty Hook's Boat Livery on Pine Lake. Located on Orchard Lake Road (Augu      
2002-002-198 print, photographic Orchard Lake Boat Livery (1900) -- Scotty's Boat Livery      
2002-002-216 Print, Photographic Keewahdin sailboat in the moonlight on Orchard Lake      
2002-002-217 Photograph, Cabinet Keewahdin sailboat under sail taken from the leeward side      
2002-002-218 Photograph, Cabinet Charles Plass designer of Keewahdin sailboat      
2002-002-219 Photograph, Cabinet Orchard Lake sailboat racing trophy cup      
2002-002-220 Photograph, Cabinet Charles Plass plaque      
2002-002-221 Photograph, Cabinet Keewahdin sailboat on Orchard Lake      
2003-001-025 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake      
2003-004-007 Photograph, Cabinet Dell steamboat on Orchard Lale      
2003-005-001 print, photographic Ice Boats on Pontiac Drive in Sylvan Lake (1923).     1923
2003-005-002 print, photographic Ice Boats on Pontiac Drive in Sylvan Lake (1923).     1923
2003-005-005 print, photographic Elmer Fezzey's boat tied to dock on Sylvan Lake in 1920's.     1920
2003-005-023 print, photographic Jimmy Hale and his boat "Pokey"     1950
2003-005-032 print, photographic Boat Race on Sylvan Lake      
2003-005-054 print, photographic Oakland County Boat Club Aerial view      
2003-005-057 print, photographic Oakland County Boat Club      
2003-007-015 Postcard Sailboat on Cass Lake      
2003-007-017 Postcard Sailboat on Cass Lake      
2003-007-024 Postcard Orchard Lake before the yact race with sailboats      
2003-007-025 Postcard Sailboat on Orchard Lake     1908
2003-007-028 Postcard Orchard Hotel & rowboat      
2003-007-031 Postcard Orchard Lake Seminarians with rowboats and iceboat      
2003-008-006 Photograph, Cabinet Newkirk's fire      
2003-009-001 Map Orchard Lake sailboat race course      
2003-009-008 Photograph, Cabinet Sailboat "Sheila" with passengers      
2005-002-003 Print, Photographic Boat Club Dock     1950

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