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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1980-001-001 Print, Photographic Interlaken Hotel      
1980-001-002 Music, Sheet Orchard Lake Polka Sheet Music Cover - 1872     1872
1980-001-010 Print, Photographic Tent in Picnic Area     1900
1980-001-011 Print, Photographic Tent Near Orchard Lk Hotel     1900
1980-001-039 Print, Photographic Castle on the MMA grounds      
1987-001-001 Woodcut Orchard Lake Hotel Woodcut      
1996-007-001 Print, Photographic Interlaken Hotel Panaramic View      
1996-007-002 Print, Photographic Interlaken Hotel      
2002-001-001 Print, Photographic Apple Branch Guests      
2002-001-002 Book Apple Branch Guest List      
2002-001-003 Print, Photographic Apple Branch Building      
2002-001-005 Key Orchard Lake Hotel Key      
2002-001-006 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake Hotel tearing down article      
2002-001-120 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake Hotel      
2002-001-185 Print, Photographic Keego Harbor downtown - 1920's      
2002-001-447 print, photographic Rotunda Inn lobby, Pine Lake, Pontiac Michigan.      
2002-001-570 print, photographic D.U.R. Auto Stop Inn - Car 7135 - (Cave Postcard)      
2002-002-157 print, photographic Shorty Hook's Boat Livery on Pine Lake. Located on Orchard Lake Road (Augu      
2003-001-004 Newspaper Many Bequests Listed In Will      
2003-001-020 Print, Photographic Orchard Lake Hotel      
2003-002-002 Postcard Holiday House, Pine Lake 8:30 AM - 10 PM      
2003-002-004 Postcard Shorty Hook's Place Tourist Cabins      
2003-002-007 Print, Photographic Interlaken Hotel front view with horse      
2003-002-008 Menu Rotunda Inn Menu      
2003-002-012 Postcard Interlaken Hotel swing     1906
2003-002-013 Postcard Interlaken Hotel front with horse     1910
2003-002-014 Postcard Interlaken Hotel boathouse      
2003-002-015 Postcard Rotunda Inn exterior      
2003-002-016 Postcard Ferries to Interlaken Hotel      
2003-004-007 Photograph, Cabinet Dell steamboat on Orchard Lale      
2003-005-019 Drawing Sylvan Lake Inn      
2003-005-065 Newspaper Sylvan Lake Inn A Prey to Fire      
2003-006-010 Photograph, Cabinet Anna Mae Tucker on Perry Street     1922
2003-007-001 Postcard Holiday House chapel     7/25/1949
2003-007-002 Postcard Holiday House fireplace and common room     7/18/1918
2003-007-003 Postcard Holiday House building     5/17/1928
2003-007-004 Postcard Holiday House and ladies     7/27/1914
2003-007-021 Postcard Shorty Hook's boat rental on Pine Lake     10/15/1949
2003-007-027 Postcard Orchard Lake Hotel     1908
2003-007-028 Postcard Orchard Hotel & rowboat      
2003-007-035 Matchbook Doc Harper's Cloverleaf Inn      
2004-002-001 Postcard Shorty Hook's Place - Tourists Cabins      
2005-001-001 Print, Photographic Sylvan Lake Inn      

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