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Id# Name Title Creator Place Date
1980-001-108 print, photographic Wilkins Corner Indian (1953).      
1987-001-004 Sign, Trade Wilkins' Corner restaurant sign      
2002-001-185 Print, Photographic Keego Harbor downtown - 1920's     1920
2002-001-447 print, photographic Rotunda Inn lobby, Pine Lake, Pontiac Michigan.      
2002-001-570 print, photographic D.U.R. Auto Stop Inn - Car 7135 - (Cave Postcard)      
2002-002-156 print, photographic Ice Cream Parlor (1903)     1903
2002-002-157 print, photographic Shorty Hook's Boat Livery on Pine Lake. Located on Orchard Lake Road (Augu      
2002-002-158 print, photographic DeConicks (Joe) S.W. Corner Maple and Orchard Lake Road.      
2002-002-169 print, photographic Tucker's Barbecue - located on the corner of Orchard Lake Road and Pridham   Keego Harbor  
2002-002-170 print, photographic "Tucker's Barbecue" - showing the location on Orchard Lake Road with the ol   Keego Harbor  
2002-002-192 print, photographic Maria's on Walnut Lake Road      
2002-002-193 print, photographic The Meating Place      
2002-002-194 print, photographic The Meating Place      
2002-002-195 print, photographic Win Schuler's Restaurant (1976)     1976
2003-001-006 Letter Letter to Mr. Fred C. Wilkins from the Liquor Control Commission granting M      
2003-001-007 Letter Letter to all store managers, branch managers, and specially designated dis      
2003-001-008 Letter Letter from the Village Council of the Village of Orchard Lake approving Fr      
2003-001-009 Letter Letter suggesting that on the 12th day of October, 1937, the Village Commis      
2003-001-010 Letter Application for Wholesalers' Basic Permits under the Federal Alcohol Admini      
2003-001-011 Menu Wilkins Corner Restaurant Menu      
2003-001-014 Print, Photographic Wilkins Corner about 1925     1925
2003-001-016 Print, Photographic Wilkins Bar      
2003-001-017 Print, Photographic Wilkins Bar      
2003-001-018 Print, Photographic Mr. & Mrs. Fred Wilkins at Res      
2003-001-019 Print, Photographic Fred Wilkins At Wilkins      
2003-001-021 Print, Photographic Wilkins Corner      
2003-002-008 Menu Rotunda Inn Menu      
2003-002-010 Matchbook Little Dutch Treat Cafe      
2003-002-015 Postcard Rotunda Inn exterior      
2003-004-019 Sign Charley's Crab Entrance      
2003-005-017 print, photographic Tower Beach (July 6, 1977):     1900
2003-005-019 Drawing Sylvan Lake Inn      
2003-007-035 Matchbook Doc Harper's Cloverleaf Inn      
2006-001-002 Record, Phonograph Jerry Libby Trio Live? at Wilkins Jerry Libby   1960
2006-001-003 Menu Wilkins Corner restaurant and bar menu      

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